What I Wore: Sweaters & Skirts


Put aside the 90 degree weather for a second, there are definitely some cool summer night’s that we have had, and hopefully have a few more heading out way after this week!  We could use one or two!  On those breezy eve’s, this is the perfect fit to wear.  Legs are bare and toes are out, but throw on a light sweater to keep warm.  I always have a sweater/shawl with me for the restaurants or venues that blast their AC (I mean, is anyone else FREEZING?!  Like lips turning purple, cold.  Can’t just be me, right?!).  It’s a good idea to always have one in your bag or car for the rare occasion you may get chilly.

Faux leather pleated skirt – Forever21 $19.80

Knit short sleeved sweater/sheer back – Local Boutique $15

Steve Maddens (Get the look for less, Giuseppe’s) – $79

Cream plated necklace – Aldo Accessories $10

Green Speedy bag – Marshalls Shoe Store $30

Gold bangle – Aldo Accessories $8