Früute – An All Natural Gourmet Cookie Company

Früute – An All Natural Gourmet Cookie Company

Every time I received a box of Früute cookies, I jump out of my socks with joy.  Well, that’s nearly impossible, but you get the point.

Flavors: For starters, their cookies are absolutely to die for.  I die and go to heaven.  Literally.  My favorites being (1) salted caramel, (2) raspberry rolls, (3) coconut wafer, (4) muscovado crunch, (5) white macadamia, and lastly (6) peanut butter nibbler.

Packaging: Not only are the cookies the best thing on earth, but the packaging is also what makes receiving them that much more special.  Each gift box of cookies comes with a personalized message in a bottle.  Yep, you read that right…really bringing it back to the olden days!

Each individual package of cookies has a clever saying (just when you thought eating cookies couldn’t get more exciting!).

“Good friends share their cookies”

“A cookie a day keeps the therapist away”

“Sharing you cookies doesn’t make you a socialist, it makes you…”

“Why do fortune cookies need another job?…”

“Some cookies are good with milk, some are…”

And then, well, theres their box design.  The box is made of extremely strong cardboard, not taking any shortcuts, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!!  The box is wrapped in a Tiffany Blue ribbon with white typography (their name is also on their shipping box, can we talk about attention to detail!?).

If you are looking to send someone a pick me up, a birthday gift, or just an “I’m thinking of you” box of cookies, (or lets face it, just a box for yourself), ordering from Früute may or may not be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Bonus! If cookies just aren’t enough, you add a special something if you so desire (*note-read the entire list and thank me later).

A candle

A garden in a bag

A piggy finger puppet

Toast It Coasters

A Vibrator (not kidding)

With the holidays right around the corner, keep this is your back pocket for your loved ones (not the vibrator, the cookies!).

To order head to Frü