3 Ways to Wear a Chapeau This Fall


Creative direction and styling by Merideth Morgan


In celebration of the first day of Autumn tomorrow (yay!), I’d like to kick it off by talking about my most favorite Fall must have, the Chapeau! If you’ve ever been inclined to wear a hat, this is the season they should be in heavy rotation. And if you don’t have one, its time to add one to your wardrobe. Its the best Fall accessory (the scarf is now a close second), the options are endless and its the easiest way to shake up any outfit. I love the versatility of a structured chapeau as opposed to a bohemian floppy and whimsical hat because it channels a chic and sophisticated feel that both men and women can pull off. Pair one of Rene Mantilla‘s hats with a minimalist pant suit, dress or slacks, or jeans with rugged boots to give your look a polished and stylish finish.

Rene Mantilla is a New York based celebrity stylist who followed his dream by launching his own luxury chapeau collection in 2013. Each hat is hand made out of wool and rabbit cloth in Ecuador and are custom designed, making them one of a kind. His designs are inspired by his own fresh aesthetic and his experimental and fun spirit which allows him to play with an array of eclectic textiles. His recurring clientele list includes, but not limited, to Alicia Keys, Pharrell and Lewis Hamilton and he’s been featured in Vogue, Details, US Weekly and Essence.

Dressing outside of the baseball cap isn’t easy. So, you like the idea of the hats I’ve styled above, but unsure if you can pull it off? If you’re concerned with how flattering it would be, just follow my 5 simple rules to rock a Chapeau properly.

1). Be confident. If you’re self conscious when you wear a hat, you won’t wear it well. Commit to it. Go for it. You’ve got to own it so everyone else will.

2). New to anything other than a Dad hat? Start off with a smaller brim in a neutral color.

3). Don’t build your look around the hat. Rather, use it to polish your look.

4). Consider the width of the brim (the bigger, the bolder) and the height of the crown (the higher, the lower it sits).

5). Don’t wear an ill-fitting hat and ensure it fits the shape of your face!! It’s all a matter of proportion, just like everything else in life. If you only follow one rule, please follow this one!

To find the perfect hat for your face shape, click here.

For Custom Made/Fittings:

A huge thanks to my long time friend and actor extraordinaire, Quincy Francis, for being my male model for this shoot! You can find more of him here or in the latest season of Orange Is The New Black and The Get Down!

Photos taken by Shola Bashorun, Aqut Photography

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