Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

This is a great day for getting some great deals! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things on sale that I’ve been loving this year. I’ll be adding some things throughout the day, so be sure to check back in! Happy shopping!

New editions:

On sale for $169.99 down from $249.99. WHOA! This is the best professional grade blender and I’ve been in the market for one so I can start blending spinach, chia seeds, strawberries, almond butter and oat milk!

On sale for $299 down from $399! This changed the way I listen to TV shows, sports and the likes.

On sale for $379 down from $398. Not a huge deal, but it’s on sale nonetheless. My guess is, these rarely ever go on sale. If you already have a bar, pair it with 2 speakers for surround sound.

On sale for $24.97 and $26.97 down from $44.95 and $49.95. The most cozy set there ever was!

Top Bottom

On sale for $23.97 and $32.97 down from $39.95 and $59.95. Aerie is by far some of my most favorite workout gear there is!

Sports bra Legging

Everything is on SALE at AdroeMe and they’re having a BOGO sale! This is my favorite set for the holidays! And so many other goodies!

BOGO at AdoreMe and everything is on SALE. Best holiday PJs right here?!

Currently living in this! BOGO at AdoreMe.

Some are on sale, some aren’t. All affordable jewelry that I’m currently not taking off. Click on item you like for link.

On sale for $139 down from $199. This has changed my life in the last few weeks. After chatting with makeup guru Katie Jane Hughes, she enlightened me that I was missing out on a major component to my skin care routing (which is pretty much non existent). Got to work with PMD Beauty and this baby is now a new tool I’ve created a weekly routine around!

My Sony a7iii camera is $300 OFF and on sale for $1698 down from $2000. Major deal!

My knife set is on sale for $99, down from $160! The white is so chic and clean. Makes a world of difference in my kitchen. No more eye sores!

NūFace Mini is on sale for $150, down from $200! Such a good deal and I LOVE this! It’s like exercising your facial muscles for a do-it-yourself-facelift.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer is on sale for $41.99 down from $60. Comes in 5 colors. This makes drying my hair soooo much easier and quicker!

Do not walk, RUN! This is on sale for $85 down from $100. This has changed my brow game life!! I’m ordering a second one to see if I can get some more growth!

Get 30% OFF with code YAY30. On Sale for $23 down from $34!

25% OFF. On sale for $6.78 down from $8.99. One bottle will last you a lifetime. Well, not literally but you get my point! Everyone needs to have this in their life! It is the best makeup remover and the best eyeliner clean up magical eraser. I’m going to show you how this works on IG this week. But just take my word for it. But also, get you some reusable makeup rounds (not on sale, I linked below) and your life will forever be changed!

These are on sale, but will save you $$ in the long run because you won’t have to keep buying your throw away makeup remover pads. AND if you’re still using cotton rounds or cotton balls, you’re doing it wrong! Let’s collectively do our part by using something that is good for the environment. Pop them in the little laundry bag they provide and throw them into the wash to clean them. Comes with 16 pads.

20% OFF with code MEGAMERRY20. On sale for$11.20 down from $14. My tried and true THIGH RESCUE. This is the only product that I’ve tried that actually stops my thighs from chaffing! This is GOLD.

On sale for $13.98 down from $16.99. These are the ONLY sunnies I’ve been wearing for the last year. Chic, lightweight, and dupes of the Céline glasses! I bought 2 pairs. One for my car, and one for my house.

These are ONLY $12.99 and come in purple or gray. These aren’t on sale. But you can’t go wrong with the price! AND I HAPPEN TO BE ON THE PACKAGING!! Lol. Click the link to see my modeling them.

My favorite sports bra is on sale! On sale for $15.19 down from $18.99. It comes in 4 colors now too! Going to definitely be adding the blue to my cart today!

These are on sale for $69 down from $98. AND get an extra 30% OFF with code THX30. (Price would be $48.30!!) Carbon38 is one of my MOST favorite places to get workout leggings. I wear a medium for reference. They have soooo many good options. I’ll be perusing their sale stuff for and additional 30% off today! BLK BLU

On sale for $17 down from $34! Everything at Old Navy is 50% OFF today!! Grabbing a few of their workout pants!

Everything is on SALE! Use my code for an additional $5 OFF!

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