33 Curvy Girl Thoughts When Getting Dressed in the Morning


The snooze button has been hit twice already and now it’s 6:47am. I now have to rush to get myself ready for this workday, which means a quick shower and maybe a brush through the hair (or not), because I have to save enough time for the hardest part about the morning; getting dressed. Ugh! I really wish movies would start being more realistic because getting ready to step out of the house does not take two minutes.


For any woman, putting together your outfit for the day can be the most stressful part of twenty four hours. It can cause anxiety, self doubt and your confidence can waver. As if there isn’t already enough pressure behind creating the perfect outfit that you want to present to the world on the daily basis, there’s more. There’s a plethora of extra thoughts that go through every curvy woman’s mind, which makes it that much more challenging (and time consuming) to dress. There are just things we have to think about that not everyone can understand.


So, the shower was thirty seconds long, teeth are brushed, Keurig is heating up so I can make a quick to go cup. In order to deal with the upcoming thoughts, while choosing my outfit, I didn’t have time to run a brush though my hair, so it’s in a bun. Now begins the hard part. I throw on my bra and a undies. Lotion up my body and begin to search my closet for the day’s outfit. The thoughts begin to storm my mind…


1. Does this actually fit?

2. Is this appropriate?

3. Let me find the stretchiest material I can find…

4. Can I just wear sweats?

5. Where is that “loosest dress ever?”

6. Is this suggestive?

7. Why haven’t I thrown this out yet?

8. How long will it take me to get these pants on?

9. I haven’t worn this in 10 years…

10. I wish this was more comfortable.


11. Oh great, a long sleeve button up. Will need to tie this around my waist at some point today. <puts it in purse>

12. Is this too short?

13. Is this too tight?

14. Is there a chance this could split?

15. Did my butt get bigger over night?

16. Do designers not take my curves into consideration?

17. Why did I think I could wear this?

18. What was I thinking when I bought this?

19. Is this professional?

20. How can I downplay my butt?


21. Is this offensive?

22. How many lives will I scar today with my offensive butt if I wear this?

23. Why do I think my butt is offensive?

24. Will people respect my boldness if I wear this?

25. Lawd! Give me the strength to fit into these jeans today!

26. Small? How did you get in here???


28. Just put it in the hamper…just put it in the hamper… You’ve worn the same pants for two weeks straight.

29. What would my mother think?

30. Is this zipper going to bust? Do I have a back up plan?


31. Is this going to cause chaffing?

32. These pants work except for this large gap…now where is that belt of mine?

33. How is this now see-thru when I put it on?

Photographer: Julian Dicampo

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