Jordan Retro 11s

jordan 11s

These are by far my favorite pair of Jordan’s, possibly, ever. But every time they’ve come out, I’ve avoided waiting in a line at an exclusive sneaker store in NY, well, because the lines would have been out the door and around the corner. I have no patience for that (and I have a LOT of patience). And who knows if they would have had my size when I actually got in the front door! That’s not my ideal way to shop…sounds like a long, long day of anxiety ridden thoughts with no promise of having the size 6.5 in my hands when I walk out the door.

The sneaker craze might be the most ridiculous thing in life…people getting killed over kicks?! Come on! We got to do better!

Anyway, at the end of the day, the only way I would have ever gotten my favorite Jordan’s was a) to have enough money to buy them (ugh! They aren’t cheap!) b) to have a connect.  Both were checked off on that checklist, so I can now die a happy, happy girl.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you where to get these Jordan’s (check eBay BUT buy at your own risk), but for the next release keep your ear to the street or check out for release dates and news on the newest, latest, and greatest.

Leggins – Zara $19.99

Flannel (similar) – Polyvore $40

T-Shirt (similar) – Polyvore $30

Bag & Sunnies – Vintage Trifted

Necklace – Express $26.90

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