Victory Lap – A Contemporary Menswear Brand You Should Know

Victory Lap – A Contemporary Menswear Brand You Should Know

If you are a guy that appreciates quality fashion and you don’t know Victory Lap, you need to.  The name itself and some of its designs are in inspired by the sports world, which resonates with me deeply and I very much appreciate (being an athlete myself).  The man behind the brilliant aesthetics, Tavon Davis, is a progressive designer who pushes the envelope but does not over design.

The brand is comprised of timeless pieces such a this Peterson Top Coat or your basic white button down with a twist, the Trolley Shirt and statement pieces like the Wash Park Varsity jacket, the plaid Wallace Shirt or even a t-shirt with my hand on it!  The attention to detail on each garment is unmatched.  At VL, you will also find accessories such as this edgy signature camo tie, a leather Baytown Football and original art.  All pieces are handcrafted by top artisans and craftsmanship right here in the United States and are focused on the finest fit and construction.  Victory Lap even offers a made to measure program, as they are always on the quest for excellence and progression.

History + Sartorial Style = Victory Lap

first love, basketball t-shirt

Photographs by Maxime Hilaire and Tavon Davis