3 Ways to Wear a Bobby Joseph® T-Shirt


Apparel designer, visual merchandiser, art director, footwear designer and illustrator, its safe to say Bobby Joseph is a creative genius.  Having worked with some of the biggest names in the game such as McDonald’s, LVMH and Reebok, Bobby is undoubtedly an amazingly creative forward thinker. With a line of one of a kind teddy bears made from repurposed clothing or footwear product, he also offers a great collection of inspirational tees seen below.


BOBBY JOSEPH® Kids T-shirts:  Sizes 2T – 14/16T (Merideth is wearing Kid’s XL )

Retail price $25

Available at bobbyjoseph.com, Happy Hello, Hush Boutique, Leisure Life NYC

Material: Cotton/Poly/Rayon

To grab a teddy or a tee, head to BobbyJoseph.com.


If you think you could only ever wear a t-shirt to the gym with sweats, you’re wrong!  They are more versatile than you think.  I paired this Fresh Prince t-shirt with a polka dot skirt, floral lace jacket that I grabbed at the Goodwill, and a pair of my favorite booties.  Grab your favorite tee from your closet, tuck it into a skirt and throw on a leather/cropped jacket and favorite heels.


Dressing down a t-shirt isn’t tricky, but you also don’t want to look like a slob so be calculated with how you wear it. I threw on Bobby’s Illest t-shirt with my ripped up jeans and timberlands, and tied my plaid shirt around my waist. Since I like quirkiness (I may just be weird), I rolled up my pants a bit higher than normal to show off my polka dot socks and threw on my silly baseball pom-pom hat.


If you want to go somewhere in between dressy and dressed down, mix a bit of both with your I’ve Been In This Game t-shirt.  I threw on my thrift shop slouchy camo pants (the dress down part), a pair of heels, and a faux fur jacket to dress it up.  You get the best of both worlds!

We want to know how you wear your t-shirts…tell us in the comment section below!

This post is sponsored by BobbyJoseph®

Photos taken by Maxime Hilaire

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