How Stephanie Stays Curvy & Healthy at 5 Feet Tall


Being both curvy and fit isn’t specific to a certain size or shape, as I mentioned in my article “The Truth About Being Curvy and Fit.” Curvy isn’t exclusive to plus sizes 10-32. Meet Stephanie Ramlogan. Stephanie is fashion stylist in Trinidad and also the founder of the fab, funny and animal friendly fashion and lifestyle blog, No More Fashion Victims. She is also five feet tall and curvy. She has a 32DD chest and a robust bum.

Even though I’m seven inches taller and 41 lbs heavier, we have similar curvy body issues and we face some of the same obstacles. And just like I, she loves her curves but it’s extremely important to keep healthy all while maintaining them. Let’s see just how she does it!


What are your sizes? 34 – 25 – 37, 32DD and I’m 5 ft tall.

What does being healthy mean to you? Being balanced and happy. It’s both a body and mind thing for me.

Do you feel like you’re healthy? I definitely try to be. The goal is to try and strike up that balance between taking care of myself physically and mentally, while still indulging here and there. I barely ever get sick anymore so I think I’m on the right track.

What do you do that makes you feel healthy? I don’t eat any animal meat and rarely have animal by-products and I avoid processed food as much as possible and try to cook everything myself. I eat a lot of veggies. The goal is to be completely vegan, but I’m taking some serious baby steps with the transition. Yoga definitely plays a major role as well. Stretching, sweating and challenging my body and mind to focus on my breath and posture, make me feel alive. My diet goes hand in hand with my yoga practice. I also meditate for relaxation, clarity and mindfulness (a great way to be phone free!).


Why do you think it’s important to stay healthy? To be active for as long as possible, and to avoid illness. This life is meant to be enjoyed. I really don’t want to turn into one of those people who are always complaining about ailments and popping a hundred pills daily. I want to look and feel youthful for as log as I can!

Do you workout? If so, what do you do? My weekly yoga practice is my main form of physical exercise. I really need to step it up and do more. My body begs for it. When I don’t move enough I feel so lethargic and restless.

What shape is your body? Pear. I’m widest at my lower half. I’m petite (5 feet short) with DD boobs and a meaty bum. Even though my waist and shoulders are quite small, I’m quite curvy and voluptuous.

Favorite part of your body? I love my butt!

Least favorite? My arms I feel are disproportionately big for my frame. Luckily I know how to dress to play up the parts I love, and the parts that I love less get camouflaged.

Biggest style challenge? Strapless Bras! I’m 32DD… that is one tiny back for two very un-tiny boobs. My boobs weigh a ton; almost as much as the boobs of a girl from a site like No strapless bra can keep up (literally). And they feel like a torture device.


What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner/desert?

  • Breakfast: a smoothie made at home of one frozen banana, natural peanut butter, almond milk, flax or chia seeds and a leafy green. I also make my own dairy free almond milk.
  • Lunch: It varies, but I love brown rice and beans with cooked veggies like spinach, mushrooms or cauliflower. I love vegetables!
  • Dinner: I usually eat leftovers from lunch. I can eat the same thing twice a day for like 3 days in a row.
  • Desert: We don’t really do dessert in Trinidad, but if I crave something sweet after a meal, I reach for dark chocolate or make Nice Cream. It’s a banana based non-dairy frozen dessert I make by blending up a frozen banana with a splash of almond milk and some cacao powder. I actually don’t keep sweets in my house! I try to make it as inconvenient as possible to have sugar.

Favorite type of food? Super spicy and full of flavor – Trinidadian food for sure. Recently getting into Mexican, and I love Indian and Thai.

Do you snack? All day long if I’m at the house. Usually fruits or homemade hummus.

Good food habits? I eat with my eyes, so it must be fresh and colorful!

Bad food habits? I eat way too much for how little I exercise. Even though most of what I eat is healthy, I’m definitely in-taking too many calories.

Never evers? I hate sugary drinks and I’m also allergic to certain food coloring, so no soda or processed fruit drinks. I only drink water or if I need a boost of energy, fresh juice.


Things you want to improve about your healthy or body? I really want to start moving more and toning up. I would love to have a tighter mid-section to fit more neatly into the clothes I like.

Favorite place to find curvy girl clothes? I get a lot of stuff custom made. Trinidadian designer, Adrian Foster makes the BEST pants for juicy bums. He knows how to make any ass look like gold.

What type of clothes/cut fits your body the best? Anything that emphasizes my waist works well. Crop tops with high-waisted or A-line skirts are perfect. But I do like to wear low rise boyfriend jeans which do nothing for my shape!

Shapewear thoughts? A definite do. But they’re not for sucking you in – they’re just to help create a smooth line. They shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight.


Any tips or tricks you’d like to let people in on? Play up your positive assets and the things you like least about your appearance sort of disappear. Don’t fuss over hiding yourself. Show off the good stuff! I also challenge myself when I can. I’ll use the stairs instead of an elevator or park my car far away so I have to walk a bit more. Also, I try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Most people don’t know how important this is!

Anything else you’d like to share? Dress the body you’re in now. Stop putting aside clothes for when you lose 10 lbs or when you start that diet. Love yourself as you are and enjoy your body in the present.

How do you stay healthy and curvy? Let us know in the comment section below!

To learn more about Stephanie Ramlogan, head to No More Fashion Victims and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.
Creative Direction: Merideth Morgan
Photographer: Julian Dicampo

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