Spring Amazon ⭐⭐⭐⭐+ Lightweight Cardigans and Sweaters Haul&Try On

Spring-is that you?! Because of the warmer weather impending, I’ve decided it’s officially time to round up some of my 4STAR+ favorite lightweight cardigans and sweaters from Amazon. Spring is ALMOST here! Can you believe we’re only a couple weeks out?? Hallelujah!!! Oh, and it’s daylight savings time this month too. This month is a biggie!! SOOO excited! I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited for a March before.

With that being said, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning out our winter gear and updating our Spring wardrobe! I almost can’t believe it. Time to put away our chunky knits and down jackets, and pull out the lightweight…everything! Time to say good riddance to Winter!

Let me know which sweater was your fave from this haul! I loved so many of them, and was pretty impressed with the comfort and quality of each. I agree with all the stars given on Amazon!

Links to all sweaters: [ordered in which they’re shown]


Leopard [M]: https://bit.ly/2NWNbcZ

Gray Polka Dot Sleeves [M]: https://bit.ly/30gKm8X

Off White Tie [M]: https://bit.ly/3sXrnwn

Black [M]: https://bit.ly/30ee8v4

Orange/Navy/Beige [M-size up to L]: https://bit.ly/3uY5wXv

Yellow/Gray/White [M]: https://bit.ly/3eayZaZ

Snake Skin [M]: https://bit.ly/3qrYNlu

Sweaters: Blue Off The Shoulder [L]: https://bit.ly/38gDa13

Heart [M-size up to L]: https://bit.ly/3v1qy7V

Gray Tassel [M]: https://bit.ly/3sULZFO

Stars [L]: https://bit.ly/2O8XA5l

Multi Colored Striped Pullover [L]: https://bit.ly/3sSjBE1

Two other faves that I ordered that did not arrive yet:

Camo: https://bit.ly/3qk3DB1

Cream Belted Off the Shoulder: https://bit.ly/38f6xRp

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