Take Care of Yourself Series – Ep 3: Style Session

Episode 3: Style Session is a biggie! If you ever dreamt of having a personal stylist, this is your chance. I’m giving away all my style secrets, for FREE! Happy to answer any specific outfit questions in the comment section below!

With this personal style session, I walk you through all the basics you need in order to create outfits you’re proud of. I help you find your body shape…didn’t know this was a thing? Yep! It is and it will help you find clothing that works specifically for your shape. For example, I’m a triangle shape-I have a smaller upper/middle section and wider bottom. I don’t buy slip dresses or low rise jeans because they don’t work with my shape. Honing in on your style, closet essentials and finally an outfit formula that is super easy to follow to create amazing outfits. It’s information that will hopefully change your life and will really have you loving getting dressed!

With my midsize community and through content I create, my purpose is helping inspire women to love the skin they’re in, build their confidence and take care of their bodies, no matter what they look like, through fashion and fitness.

Today, I share:


-Knowing your body shape helps you find clothing that fits your body well and that you look good in. Everyone always tells me how “everything always looks so good on you!” and my response is, it’s only because I know what type of clothing and cuts fit my shape the best.


-Not sure what your style is? Or want to cultivate one? I give you a couple easy tips on how to do so.


-Having these closet essentials will make make your wardrobe cohesive and will help you to create your everyday looks easier.


-Okay, you have some essentials but still not sure how to style them? Use this outfit formula to create an outfit that you’ll feel confident in.

If you have any personal questions-please feel free to drop them below!

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