Midsize Curvy Zara Spring Haul Try On

Here’s an honest midsize curvy Spring haul and try on from Zara. I know I gave you a little snippet last week with the mini in store try on, but decided to hop on their site to do a deeper dive! They always have way more of a selection online, but you just have to have patience when perusing. Found some really great curvy friendly things-my favorite hands down being the pink 2-piece set. But most of this try on, was disappointing.

This try on is a bit different than most. I decided to ignore what I knew would 100% absolutely work for my curvy body and only choose things that I really liked, disregarding my shape altogether. I always receive a lot of comments like “everything looks sooo good on you.” But in all honesty, it’s not actually the case. Most things I want, don’t fit me. I have gotten really, really good at buying things that work for my shape. After all, I’ve been in this curvy body for a long time and know exactly what she needs. So, today, this try on will show you the real deal on how most things ‘fit!’ [read: don’t fit]

Mini Zara Haul https://youtu.be/CWugXQgs4Lo

Wearing everything in a MEDIUM, unless otherwise specified!

Shop looks from my try on

Blue Set

Top https://fave.co/3etA8J3 [comes in multiple colors]

Skirt https://fave.co/3dO2LS4

Yellow Dress https://fave.co/3sKJG7K

Denim https://fave.co/3gCSdHn

Bralette https://fave.co/2PmnxyR

Sheer Long Sleeve https://fave.co/3u3ToUl [similar]

Cropped Sweatshirt https://fave.co/3tTKbxz

White Open Back Tank https://fave.co/3gEWhae

Peach Long-sleeve [L – size up] https://fave.co/3sSfxTQ

Found the same thing in TANK TOP! https://fave.co/3gzQAdD

Pink Satin Skirt https://fave.co/2PrSWjC

Yellow Blazer Dress https://fave.co/3tRQQsd

Pink Blazer Dress https://fave.co/2PoQwCg

Over the Knee Boots [40 – size down] https://fave.co/3nmIXIY

Denim Jumpsuit https://fave.co/3sZvNTr

Navy Blue Short Jumper https://fave.co/2PoQfze

Green Gingham Set

Top https://fave.co/3gHcPya

Shorts https://fave.co/3sTKya2

Pink Set

Top https://fave.co/3aFbCn9

Pant https://fave.co/3tRjvNP

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