Take Care of Yourself Series – Ep1: Fitness, Nutrition & Self-Care

I’m excited to share with you the Take Care of Yourself Series with my beloved Williston Northampton School, where I attended high school. Today, I’m sharing Episode 1 with you all! Fitness, Nutrition and Self Care, the three of the most important things we feed our souls with in order to live our best lives. It’s especially important during these exceptionally challenging COVID times.

With my midsize community and through content I create, my purpose is helping inspire women to love the skin they’re in, build their confidence and take care of their bodies, no matter what they look like, through fitness.

In this episode I share:


  • Fitness is so incredibly important for many reasons having nothing to do with our outward appearance.
  • I’m sharing my workout routine, how many times I work out and what I do to move.
  • Do you prioritize your workout clothing? Well, if your answer is no, I’d like you to reconsider! If you’re wondering why it’s so important, I dive into it…


  • I have Celiac disease, which changed my eating habits significantly back in 2015. But the more I learned about food, the more choices I made to better my health. No meat, no dairy, no gluten and added more plants and veggies.
  • Do you ever question what you put into you body? Did you ever think to yourself, why do doctors tell us to drink cow’s milk in order to build strong bones?! I started to question why everyone trusts these mega food companies – just because it’s in a grocery store, doesn’t mean it’s healthy or safe for us to eat! After watching to documentary What The Health really opened my eyes and started my investigation into food and how it’s made. I talk about the importance of learning about food and doing our own research.
  • If you looking for ideas or curious to know what I eat, I share my food diary.


  • Moving our bodies and fueling our bodies with proper nutrition is the best for of self care. But there are many other things you can add to your daily schedule to get in another dose of self-care, such as a bath, an episode of your favorite trashy TV show, or even a cannabis product – from bath products and oils to vapes and gummy edibles in 3.5 mylar bags, there is bound to be something out there that you feel you would be able to easily add into your day for a little bit of self-care.
  • Self-care and grooming is for all sexes. As a man, you can pamper yourself with a few self-care routines such as haircuts, hair coloring, or even a pedicure. Better yet, look for a mobile barber shop that can provide these very services in the comfort of your home.
  • Grooming for women can get hectic. Waxing, for instance, is a difficult and painful process, so better go for Laser Hair Removal Services to get permanent smooth skin. Besides this, try to pamper yourselves occasionally whichever way you can.
  • I have some of the best words of affirmation that are easy to repeat and get us in a good place with ourselves and our bodies. Get in the habit of talking to yourself in the most positive way. Print these out. Hang them on you fridge, or mirror and repeat after me!

Sharing a more in depth workout and food diary here. Check out my feature and interview in the Williston magazine here!