Review: Blenders Eyewear Sunnies & Snow Goggles

I don’t know about you, but I could never have enough sunglasses. Even though this brand is a San Diego based company (read: sunny ALL the time), they showed some love to their East Coast girl and sent me two pairs to check out.

I’m all about working with brands that I 100% completely connect with, and Blenders Eyewear is one of them. You’ll find their ‘Stripes  //’ on every pair of their sunglasses and snow goggles. The stripes stand for, “Life in Forward Motion.” They state “it’s there to help you (and us) remember to get out into the world and chase the spark that lights your match.”

I mean, c’mon! That’s not only how I live and encourage other people to live, but it might be the most inspirational quote ever! Now that I know what the stripes mean, when I wear the sunglasses or goggles, it has a whole new meaning. It brings me to life!

The Red Starlet glasses and the Fifty Eight OGs (you had me at hello the name). I love big sunglasses because they just look better on my big ol’ head. I feel like a real OG when I wear the 58s. The Red Starlets are much smaller on my face but have this amazing, amazing red/orange/yellow polarized lens.

The two (then recent) grads started this company, knowing that they were making a product that would always be in high demand. They think your shades should say something about you, and they’re right! They’ve created lightweight, high quality, stylish and affordable sunglasses (and they’re pretty solid at the social media ads thing, too!). Blender’s Eyewear certainly check all the boxes for me.

“The future is bright. Come prepared.”

About the Red Starlets: $58

Every time you throw on our ‘Red Starlet’ sunnies, you’ll be taking your own personal walk of fame. Part of our brand-new ‘Hexagram Wireframe Collection,’ these shine so hard the paparazzi are bound to hound your every move. Crucially, they’re one of our first-ever glass lens shades. This evolution combined with sturdy stainless steel frames make for a red-carpet-worthy aesthetic – you’ll totally be ready for your close-up.

About the Fifty Eight OGs: $48

We’ve taken the fashion-forward flat-lens detailing of our  ‘Millenia Collection’ and encouraged its natural evolution, resulting in the  ‘Fifty Eight OG,’ a captivating take on a classic flat-top design.

Hard edges; defined lines. You don’t need to have a mean mug to look absolutely tough in these. The murdered-out aesthetic of the  ‘Fifty Eight OG’ offers a matte black frame and polarized smoke lens that lend it one of the hardest-looking styles we’ve ever created. And with the squared-off construction, you’re gonna be a standout—a true original in a sea of pretenders. 

– Matte Black w/ Gunmetal Details 

– Smoke Polarized Superflash Lenses 

– Double Barrel Stainless Steel Hinge

– Maximum Comfortability – Microfiber Pouch Included

– Microfiber Pouch Included

I need to also tell you about this other frame they have; The DEEP SPACE POLARIZED : L SERIES. They are unbreakable as they feature a snap-off hinge. Sit on them all you want, throw them into your bag with a bajillion other things, but somehow they just don’t break. They snap right back together. Fool proof-if you’re someone who is a bit harsh with your thangs, these are for you.

Things I’d like to try from Blender’s are their snow goggles. Been on the mountain a few times already this winter and need new goggles! Spring skiing is my favorite, so I think I’ll try them on my next trip!