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When I was in middle school, I remember my mom telling my teachers that I needed to sit at the front of the class for the simple fact that I couldn’t see the chalk board from the back. I had really ugly 1990s eyeglasses and refused to wear them, so I was the only one to blame for the embarrassment. All I needed to do was wear my glasses in order to move back to the back to ensue goofing off with my classmates. Hindsight – it probably kept me out of trouble.


When I realized I was heading to college to play basketball, I decided to move to contact lenses. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Oh, because they’re expensive. But if you’re like me and want to give your eyes a rest, you also need prescription eyeglasses. And anyone who wears them knows that we spend hundreds of dollars a year on the up-keep of our eyes, health insurance not covering much of the bill. This is how it usually goes: Put off going to your yearly eye exam. Finally, go to your yearly eye exam. Get an Rx. Get coerced into buy glasses from them at that very moment. Spend $400-600. Eek!

An important stage of getting your prescription glasses is determining your pupillary distance which is the distance between your pupils in millimetres. It’s important this is measured correctly because if it isn’t your prescription glasses may actually do more harm than good! Prescription glasses can improve eyesight significantly. However, there are always other options too. For example, some people may decide to try and improve their eyesight properly by undergoing laser eye surgery. That could eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, ensuring that people have clearer vision. To learn more, it might be worth contacting SharpeVision, for example.


What you may not know is that you can kindly say “no thanks,” take your Rx and head to websites like where they offer affordable and fashionable eyeglasses online (and prescription sunglasses too!). I’m talking no more than $60 for bifocal, scratch resistant, anti-glare and smudge proof glasses. For a premium anti-reflective is only an extra $4.95. They offer a 90-day guarantee and have unbeatable low prices.


Concerned about ordering glasses online without trying them on? Well, now you can try them on virtually by uploading a front facing photo of yourself! My other suggestion would be to measure the glasses you currently have to compare it to the size of the frame online.

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Photographer: Merideth Morgan

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