Caraway Pans Unboxing [+10% OFF Code]

It’s love at first site for me with these Caraway Pans! My entire apartment needs to make good design sense, so that means sexy cookware as well! It’s been an honor teaming up with such an incredible company so naturally I got these Caraway pans in white! You know I love me some ALL WHITE EVERYTHING, with a touch of gold.

My entire apartment is all whites and beiges so it’s only right I finally have a set of white pans to cook with! Is design feng shui a thing? If so, that’s what I want. Everything needs to just work together seamlessly, color wise…even with things that I don’t use a lot. I’m not a huge cook and I don’t really love to cook, but when I do, I need my pans to be cute and sexy!

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The discount code is only valid until July 6th!

The reason I love the Caraway brand

  • 100% Non toxic ceramic coated cookware
  • The pans are an investment in my safety + health
  • The ceramic is naturally non stick! Woo-hoo!
  • The cream pots and pans are so sexy + chic
  • They’re super incredibly durable
  • The material of the pots and pans is a safer alternative to traditional non-stick cookware
  • The set comes with organizers at no additional cost
  • The cookware organizers transform cabinet and/or counter space
  • 2 trivets as an additional gift!
  • Easy to clean
  • Retains heat better than traditional cookware
  • They can be put into the oven, as they can withstand 550 degrees

Some tips for cooking with these pans

  • Cook everything on medium to medium low heat
  • All you need to use is a little oil or butter
  • Don’t use cooking sprays/aerosols
  • Hand wash them! It will drastically change the lifespan
  • Okay to use brillo pad or sos wool pad for things tougher to get off
  • Never use metal utensils – rubber/wooden spatulas only!

What the set comes with

10.5″ Fry Pan [weight 2.8lbs]

3 qt Sauce Pan [weight w/ lid 4lbs]

4.5 qt Sauté Pan [weight w/ lid 6.8lbs]

6.5 qt Dutch Oven [weight w/ lid 6.2lbs]

Storage (at no additional cost!)

Magnetic Pan Racks – combined width 16.8″

Canvas Lid Holder – width 12.8″ height 22.2″

Other color pots/pans to choose from: Cream, Navy, Gray, Sage, Perracotta, Marigold, Brick Red