DIY Your Very Own Backyard Garden Party Wedding


My brother and (AWESOME) wife, just wed. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other…two peas on a pod to be exact. I catch myself just sitting and staring in awe at the two of them and their chemistry. I mean, her jokes are just as funny as his! She and her bridemaids looked amazing in their custom bridesmaid dresses. Doesn’t get much better than that. I remember over hearing my mother ask him on the morning of his wedding if he was nervous. His answer was a simple no, followed by, “you only get nervous on your wedding day if you are marrying the wrong person.” He has set the standard pretty high and maybe one day I will fall in love with a man who loves me as much as my brother loves his wife, and as much as they love and respect one another equally. They both feel equally lucky (or blessed) to have one another. I can only pray for something as sweet as this!

Their wedding was extremely special and I was honored to be a bridesmaid. I documented their special day, focused on their unique design details of their wedding that oozed with character. It was dreamy and magnificent and all things wonderful. Without further ado, their details:


One of the most special things from this wedding is that the Bride’s sister is a florist. She arranged the Bride’s and every Bridesmaid’s bouquet, every table top arrangement, the flowers around the “alter,” and the flowers along the aisle that her big sister would walk down. They were a mixture of lots of different “wild”-like flowers making them unique and unlike any bouquet you’ve seen.


Hand Made Details

This entire wedding was essentially made by hand. The Bride and Groom came up with every single little detail that they DIY’ed themselves…including their bar! My brother is not even a carpenter! But is an artist, and darn good at what he does!


They repurposed doors they found along the side of the road (for free) and built an entry way to the ceremony area. The doors were closed after the bridal party made their way down the aisle to the hand made alter consisting of a multitude of branches and rocks (that were probably borrowed from my dad’s rock wall) and tree stumps, which were purposefully cut and left in anticipation of the wedding. The guys at JBS Tree Care did some very precise stump grinding for us to enable it to all work. The door then reopened for the Bride’s grand entrance. It was just perfect.


Hand painted signs were found throughout the 15 acre yard. Signs indicating where the bar, outdoor bathrooms and photo booth were. Although custom yard signs like these ones are commonly used to promote businesses, there is no reason why you could not get some signs printed to generate buzz and to help your guests navigate your party. The Bride and Groom have a thing for the Big Lebowsky. I think she quoted something from one of the scenes on their first date. My brother immediately knew she was the one for him. It was only fitting that they projected it onto the side of the house after the rehearsal dinner and on their wedding day, they dedicated a play area, even equipped with a baby sitter, for the Little Lebowsky’s (read: kids).



My brother repurposed doors and window panes to set the stage for the dedicated photo booth area, perfect for a unique photo opp. Instead of hiring a second photographer, they placed their own camera on a trip-pod, set to timer, allowing people to take their own photos. The sign and wedding #hashtag was designed and carefully crafted by the Bride’s two very artistically inclined sisters. We made our own photo booth, but if you want to hire one for your big day, check out the ones available in your area, if you’re in Texas you can get one of the best photo booth rentals in Austin, TX, they can cater to your exact needs, they will make your big day be remembered forever.


Food & Table

Repurposing (window panes) is the name of the game. Table numbers and name tags? Nope! Here, find your name, find your table Mountain’s name, then locate the corresponding map to find your seat. Brilliant.


The window panes also displayed the menu for the evening, which was catered by Lavishly Dunn. This catering company does everything, from intimate dining room parties to holiday galas, and beach parties to lavish Maine weddings. The food? Delic.


The antique table settings (plates, silver, lines) were collected over the span of a year from antique shops, second hand stores, and tag sales. Character at its best.


Get rid of the eye sore tent poles by collecting branches and leaves (from plants that don’t wilt in 24 hours) and tying with twine. Easy and free.




My brother, Jesse Morgan Designs, is an artist. A painter who has an incredible artistic eye and flawless hand. He and I are a lot alike when it comes to being fascinated with art. As a gift to his groomsmen, he carefully drew intricate designs revealing something about each of them on white Vans. For instance, our cousin who loves to fish, received a pair of an ocean/boat/fishing scene. One guy, who lives in Manhattan, received a pair that had the NYC city skyline. Honestly? I’ve never seen anything as thoughtful and amazing as this. Ever. Stay tuned for more details. Please email me if you’d like more information or if you’d like to place an order –


Momo found our bridesmaids dresses at Urban Outfitters. Here are some of my favorite white floral dresses

” target=”_blank”>Option 1

” target=”_blank”>Option 2

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If you like my shoes, here are similar options

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