Gap Haul & Try-On

Gap is a classic store that has classic pieces. Jeans, denim jackets and white-tees. I did a little hunting and found some other fun things, and once again, found some pieces with amazing color, color, color!

As a curvy girl, I’m always on the hunt for a good romper and pants/shorts that fit my body properly. In store they didn’t many things in my size, so I placed a small online order as well after my in-store shop. A lot of the shorts I loved were only mid-rise, so I passed on so many things I wanted!

The green and denim romper worked super well. And the green romper was only $18!! I also needed a white tee and I’m obsessed with the sandals and little camo tote!

The only things I didn’t love from my haul is the wide leg pants (which I thought were denim but are more of a fabric/linen material). There is just too much fabric in the front. If you’re less curvy, these would work perfectly for you! The ideas of pleats is cute, but these just don’t work on my body. And I don’t love the shorts! So bummed about this. Even though I love the color, they are just too short for my liking. I followed my equation to find the perfect pair (4″ + high waisted + stretch=the perfect fit) but I’m not sure these are a proper 4″!!

Happy shopping!

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