Get Quip With This Gold Toothbrush (& Subscription Service)


I’m totally susceptible of being teased for “still using a regular toothbrush” (because apparently, now it’s old school) since I didn’t adhere to my dentist’s perpetual suggestion over the years to switch to an electronic toothbrush (why not check out Dentist Framingham for some advice about oral healthcare). With a hefty price tag of $250, it was always a quick “no!” But now, it’s official folks, I have finally converted. Why you may ask? It’s simple. A gold toothbrush can make a girl change.

Do you have an electronic toothbrush? If you answered yes, when was the last time you changed the head? [Eww…well, that’s gross. Yep, I’m judging you.] Whether you have an electronic toothbrush or are in the market for one you should GetQuip. But if you simply just appreciate beautifully designed products and like the idea of tidying up your sink area or adding an element of design to it, you may get turned too!


The Toothbrush

The design is modern, sleek and compact. It’s thin, lightweight but substantial in strength. It is considerably smaller than the Sonicare or Ultrasonic and significantly more affordable. There are two design options that are small enough to throw in any bag or purse and neither require a charging cable, just a triple A battery. You can choose from a plastic toothbrush (green or blue) or an aluminum toothbrush (black, silver, copper and gold), that all come with a low fluoride tube of toothpaste. The vibrating bristles (not to mention the tongue scraper on the back) briefly pause every thirty seconds to indicate your interval (which should add up to a total of two minutes). The base doubles as a travel cover and also has a reusable suction mechanism on the back so you’re able to move it to any wall or mirror as you please. The bottom of the base drains and can also be popped off for easy cleaning.


The Subscription

When you sign up to buy a Quip toothbrush, you also sign up to receive a new head every three months. Customizable subscription plans can be made based on your needs, including yearly prepaid plans, couple sets, and also family sets. Depending on the design chosen, the prices range from $25 (plastic) to $40 (aluminum) for the starter kit.

3 months $5 – replacement head (for an extra $5, you get both a new head and toothpaste) Shipping – FREE

Quip is revolutionizing your dental hygiene routine by simplifying your life and delivering your needs right to your doorstep, without having to even think about it. They have designed a product to provide you a better routine leading you to better lifestyle, and adding a touch of style while doing it!

gold toothbrush quip

Toothbrush as mic?! Absolutely.


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Photographer: Merideth Morgan