If Trump Won’t Support Women, I will! [Women Supporting Women Influencer Event at DVF]

If Trump Won’t Support Women, I will! [Women Supporting Women Influencer Event at DVF]

Dear Women and Little Girls (Part 2),

With our most recent presidential election, the majority of us women are probably experiencing some sort of sadness, pain, grief, anger and fear that America elected a man who does not have the same morals as we do, who is misogynistic and clearly doesn’t respect or support women or any other marginalized group. Despite what he said in his election campaign, he has done nothing to help the LGBTQ+ community and as you can see on Lovegasm.co, has in fact tried to take their rights away. I beg you to not let this man (who has less power than you think) frighten you. He does not own you, nor will he come to your home and grab any of your body parts (a friend wrote on Facebook that her 6 year old daughter is terrified that this will happen to her. How horrific). As disgusting as the things he stands for and the people he outwardly doesn’t support (blacks, latinos, LGBT community, immigrants, women, etc) and what he has spewed out of his mouth, this is the perfect time to teach our children the acceptable way to carry and conduct ourselves by using the President Elect as an example of what not to do and teach them (and remind ourselves) that even though hate won, our love and inclusion will always win. (This sounds crazy as I read this out loud…”use The President Elect as an example of what not to do”…hmph).

If Trump doesn’t support us, you better believe I will. I feel as if it’s my innate responsibility, as a woman, to support other women. With having to end some non supportive women friendships and business relationships that were cruel and unfair, it has made me extremely self aware of how I treat and interact with other women. I like to remind myself that people who act out in ugly and offensive ways, need a lot (a lot, a lot) of love. I want everyone to feel safe in our communities, valued and respected all the time. It doesn’t sound like the man who will run our country in a short few months supports women (as well as the black, LGBT and immigrant communities), so now is the time we all need to come together, because we need each other more than we ever have before.

You may ask, how do we remedy the despair from this election? It’s quite simple. We do that with love, kindness and encouraging and supporting others. We do it by doing good in our communities and by supporting other women doing good in theirs. I’m not trying to dismiss the reality of current political state or sooth anyone’s fears, because they are so real and justified and I have them myself, but I’d rather choose to be proactive by uplifting and empowering women by creating a safe and supportive place for us. I ask you to get involved, take positive action in your communities. We can protect each other by offering something to others. Do something constructive that will create hope and inspire others to change, grow and connect with each other.

We need to stop giving away our power and we need reclaim it! Stop giving away your power to other women that make you feel less than, jealous or inadequate. Women don’t support women enough. Most women spend time tearing each other down instead of building one another up. Jealousy and envy are far too common occurrences amongst women. I really want to stress that when you do this, you’re giving away your power! You are not a powerless and weak woman, you are strong and mighty! Why is it that you feel like women are your enemies? We need to start digging into our souls to transform our social mistrust. I’m on your side. I support you. I am not your enemy. The more we, as women, use our power responsibly, the more powerful we become. After hearing the results of the election, you might be feeling powerless and most often people then orchestrate their lives in a way to make themselves powerful, for example, protesting, acting out, spreading gossip, etc. There are so many issues that we need to resolve around out country (and world) but let’s start by controlling the controllables and support and love each other. Let’s do what we can as individuals to make this world a better place. I am sad and my heart hurts that our country selected someone who is not inclusive humans that are different than he (white male), but I challenge you to take back the power you have emotionally and mentally given The President Elect! He doesn’t deserve your power. You keep that for you and put that energy towards the common good.

Strong women and little girls (who will grow into strong women one day)…you are not inadequate! You are enough. You are tenacious and courageous, smart and beautiful inside and out, and are worth so much. If you do not feel like this, I beg you to reevaluate the cause of what’s keeping you from feeling these things. Look at the relationships you keep, your healthy lifestyle choices, your job, etc. Happiness is a choice and I ask you to get on board with me in choosing to be happy, together! I take the road of positivity regardless of the things that are out of my control.

I cannot express my gratitude with words for your support. I support you with my whole being!

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