Introducing My New Neighborhood: Outdoor Art Gallery


Art in all forms is amazing and if you know me, you know I find it in everything and everywhere and create it in everything I do.  I just moved into a brand new, bright and sunny home, that I’ve filled with an immense amount of love and inspiration and is just steps away from, what I would consider to be, an outdoor art gallery.  Our incredible and progressive Mayor Steve Fulop is on board and is currently making huge headway into transitioning our city as such.  Perhaps gaining inspiration from neighboring city Philadelphia, where there are more than 3,600 murals, or across the country in San Francisco where there are more than 1,000 murals adorning the building walls, Jersey City created a mural program where the goal is to bring urban areas back to life.  With the city picking up the tab for paints, etc, the city hopes to prevent graffiti but rather to activate dead spaces and transform them with works of art.

The mural that you see behind me, was painted by Li-Hill in 2014, and is literally steps away from my new front door.  This aerosol and latex on concrete is titled “Planes Of Engagement” and is roughly 18’x10′.  Hill is a Canadian visual artist, now based out of Brooklyn, and has shown works of art across the world.  Using found objects and materials that are generally unconventional, he creates multi layered political/social/environmental complex pieces which sets his aesthetic apart, his multiple exposure style is easily identifiable.  This piece is a multiple exposure image of fencers from the olympics.  He mixed contemporary culture with contemporary forms of competition.

For more of Li-Hill’s work, follow him on IG @li_hill or head to his site.

I’m SUPER excited to continue to share other works of art around my city in hopes it inspires you and brings you joy, always.

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