My Retro Stay at the Silver Sands Motel


December 3, 2016 I turned 32. Every birthday, from 30 on out, I will travel to a new place to celebrate the year just completed, or the commencement of the new year. Alone. Or with someone. Maybe.

Strangely enough, I don’t like celebrating my birthday which is why I like to travel during it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like when I feel celebrated, but I don’t like when I do it myself. Somewhere along the lines, I got turned off. Perhaps it’s the feeling of forcing people to celebrate me, or maybe it was when I graduated from college and there was no talk of a celebration for my accomplishment, so I asked for one. Or maybe when we get older we realize the things that once mattered when we were younger (and so much dumber), have way less value than we once gave them. Experiencing life is what matters to me and I want to travel the world to do just that.

For my 30th birthday I traveled to Anguilla and for my 31st birthday I traveled to St. Lucia. After two amazing trips across seas, I decided to keep it local this year all while wanting to find another hidden gem. So for my 32nd birthday I traveled the North Fork of Long Island. My cousin had recently visited and was inspired by the pictures she took. I got onto my computer and delved in to see what my lodging options were. A perk? It wasn’t peak season. Traveling to, what is considered as a beach town, would provide me the three things I look for when traveling: reclusiveness, inspiration and a dreamy place to create.

An expeditious 2.5 hour drive from NYC, I arrived at the The Silver Sands Motel with my camera, tripod and shutter release remote in tow. Sitting on a private beach of Peconic Bay, the retro motel opened in 1957 and is just a stone’s throw away from Shelter Island. Time has most certainly stood still at this dreamy abode. Light fixtures and door knobs haven’t change. Neither has the green shag carpets, wood wall paneling, or the bubblegum pink bathrooms. Choose from one of twenty-two beach front rooms or stay in a beach cottage that provide their own nostalgic kitchenettes, a short walk away. After seeing the motel in multiple tears of fashion magazines, I knew I needed to get here to create. This place is nothing short of amazing, if you’re into charm and passé places. It is so ridiculously retro chic, it blew me away. For two nights you can grab a room for $250 which includes a $50 gift certificate to one of the many delicious restaurants downtown or stay for one night for $150 which also includes a $50 gift certificate for dinner. Terry and the rest of the staff, thank you so very much for having me. I hope to be back one day to stay in one of your fabulous cottages!

The Silver Sands Motel

1400 Silvermere Road
Greenport, N.Y., 11944


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