Spring Inspiration: Florals & Pastels


Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing. This winter for us in the Northeast has been brutal, snow storm after storm…the weather has been relentless. There’s lot of people that complain (all you Negative Nancy’s-go somewhere else!) about how miserable they are, you know, every Facebook Post or tweet. We get it, it’s snowed a lot, and it’s cold, yes, it’s call the Winter! And then there are those of us who appreciates the beauty of every snow fall (come on, it’s a chance to snuggle and watch movies-what’s so bad about that?!), and who don’t complain about it, but are desperately yearning for the sun and could do without anymore. Instead of complaining, we do something about it (like book trips to Miami to hold us over until the Spring).

Well! If you are not someone who enjoys going out a lot, you can simply download the applications like Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch your favorite shows and movies. Or else you can download movies or games from various torrenting websites so that you don’t get them while staying at home. The only thing that you might need to be aware of is that these websites might hack your data and misuse them. As a precautionary measure, you can use vpn for torrenting before downloading anything. That can act as a barrier between your network and the server. It creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the internet, creating a private tunnel for your data and communications while using public networks.

Additionally, if you can’t get away, I have good news for you, it’s almost Easter! Which means, Spring is only days away! So, use this outfit as inspiration for your continuous day dreams about your feet in the sand and sun on your skin! Florals and pastels are a few of my favorite things! I’ve also really been loving kimonos. They’re so cute yet stylish! I had never worn one before but once I’d seen my friend rock one, I had to get a kimono for myself! She told me to check out a website like fillyflair.com/collections/kimonos and I’m so glad that I bought one. This outfit looks great in my opinion! What are some of your favorite things for the Spring?

*Stay tuned for a second post on how to wear a kimono!

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