Summer Style Session: White Pants

Okay, here’s the deal with white pants. Wear them. No matter what shape or size you are, or how many times you tell yourself “I could never pull them off.” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this. Why? How? Who made you believe this? Everyone can and should wear white pants and look glorious while doing so.

I know how, why and who. Society. Mainstream media. Advertisements. I’m so sick and tired of the toxic articles I read that state things like, “…pulling them off without making your bottom half look bigger” or “you should be aware that doing so can actually end up making your lower half look bigger than it actually is.” Why is the author perpetuated this toxic behavior? It’s abusive.

I get why women are so ridiculously hard on themselves. The world has fed us with such bull**** to make us question our very existence, IN OUR OWN SKIN! How could someone read that and not think to herself, “See! I’m not going to wear white pants!” I don’t care what shape or size you are, please wear the white pants!

Our bodies are the way they are. They deserve to be loved at this very moment, the way it is right now. And I implore you to never allow anyone or anything to make you question the clothing choice you make for yourself. We shouldn’t ever allow anyone to make us feel like we can’t wear a certain something because we won’t look small enough. Why is that the go-to thought and assumed requirement when we choose clothing?

I want to encourage everyone to work on our negative mindsets that we’ve developed over the years and years from the toxicity. It all started when we were kids and it’s continued (or will continue into adulthood) if we don’t stop it. I want us to get that “I must wear something that doesn’t make me look bigger” out of our minds. I want you to replace it with, “I will wear what I love and I will wear what makes me feel good.”

White Pants

If white pants aren’t a staple in your closet, I want them to be. I want them to be essential to everyone woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t own a pair or have never worn them out of fear, nows your time! It’s part of our self love journey.

The best thing about them? You can’t go wrong with anything you decide to pair with them. Makes dressing that much less stressful, eh?! A couple tips to a foolproof white jean:

-check to ensure they’re not see through

-nude color undies only

-grab a thong instead of your brief, seeing your underwear line is a no-no

-multiple napkins when eating, are your friend

-be self aware of where you sit

Flounce Hem


Distressed Boyfriend

Wide Leg Cropped

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