Sunscreen Testing & Review

May 28th is National Sunscreen Day! And it’s almost summer, so can we just take a minute to realize how important sunscreen is?! In order to acknowledge and celebrate this holiday, I’m reviewing and testing a BUNCH of sunscreens to prevent cancer and theseeee wrinkles! *Disclaimer* I’m NOT a professional…we all know this lol. So, this is my general, regular schmegular everyday girl testing and review.

I found some goodies!! And some that I did not care for at all. Some smelled like I wanted to keel over and pass out and some that smelling like heaven. There were some that left a beautiful shimmer on my skin, some others a glow, and then some not so good dewiness. But most were on the same boat of being clean or close to it. Lots of them didn’t include big words I don’t know how to pronounce…which could only be a good thing.

I hope this encourages you to wear sunscreen everyday. It is so important that we protect our skin…and the more we take care of it, the better our skin will look as we age (and we all want that to be gracefully, I might add!).

Sunscreen for the Body




For the Face

JLo Beauty SPF 30

Supergoop SPF 40

Fenty Beauty SPF 30

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