How Taela Stays Curvy & Healthy at 5’11


Meet Taela! Taela stands at a gorgeous five feet, eleven inches tall and has a curvy body. She was once an avid dancer, with a lean and light dancers body. After changing careers from dancing to DJ, her body changed along with it. She is loving her newly found curves and stays healthy all while doing so. Let’s see how she’s handled the changes and how she now maintains her curvy figure with her hectic work schedule.

What are your sizes? 
Bust: 34B Waist: 29 Height: 5’11
What does being healthy mean to you?
Being healthy means having energy and focus and feeling alive and expressive in my body.
Do you feel like you’re healthy?
Yes. But I’m always striving to be healthier!
What do you do that makes you feel healthy?
Working out regularly, drinking enough water, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, and eating healthy snacks throughout the day makes me feel healthy.
Why do you think it’s important to stay healthy?
When I fall out of my healthy routines I notice that I feel sluggish, I don’t think as clearly, and my mood is down. It is important for me to stay healthy because I am committed to living a joyful life and I need to be healthy to fully enjoy my life.
Do you workout? If so, what do you do? How many times a week?
I work out about 3 times per week. I take dance classes (pole dance is my new obsession!), figure skate (I am a former competitive figure skater!), and do at-home work-outs or work out at the playground with friends when the weather is nice.
What shape is your body?
I am super tall and leggy. I think I have a flamingo shape!
Favorite part of your body?
My leggy long showgirl legs.
Thing you’ve struggled with most (body) now or in the past?
As a former dancer, I was super thin and strong without ever having to try. Now, as a DJ, I am less active, so my body has changed (I’ve gained weight and have a curvier body). The thing is, I don’t “struggle” with my body. Even when I get frustrated that I don’t fit my old clothes, and trust me, outgrowing my favorite clothing is frustrating as hell, but I am committed to staying focused on being healthy and balanced. That mindset prevents me from feeling like I struggle with my body because I just appreciate my body the way it is and continue to work on feeling great in my own skin. I used to feel an immense amount of guilt and shame in “letting my body go” I’ve learned to let go of the negativity and embrace myself as I am.
Least favorite?
I have huge feet. I love shoes. It’s hard out here.
Biggest style challenge?
Learning to dress my curvier shape was a learning experience for me since I had spent my whole life with a super thin body to style. I have come to enjoy dressing my new curves!
What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner/desert?
I usually eat boiled eggs, avocado, and lox for breakfast after my lemon water and morning tea. I am super inconsistent about lunch. It really depends on the day. And I typically have a lean meat (lamb chops/chicken most frequently), with a green veggie and squash or sweet potato for dinner. I am obsessed with Red Bean Mochi Ice Cream Bons. I eat them as much as I can. It’s kind of a problem. But they’re too good…
Favorite type of food?
I love lobster!
Do you snack?
Good food habits?
I am pretty consistent with making sure I have a healthy, balanced dinner meal.
Bad food habits?
I don’t feel hungry in the morning, especially since I often work late. So sometimes I skip meals and tend to eat heavier later in the day. I’d like to change that.
Never evers?
I never have soda. I tasted it as a child and thought it was gross. So I have lived a soda-less life.
Things you want to improve about your health or body?
I want to improve my meal schedule. Eating a healthy breakfast is important!
Favorite place to find curvy girl clothes?
I LOVE The Reformation. They tailor their clothing beautifully. I always feel beautiful and powerful when I am wearing their clothing.
What type of clothes/cut fits your body the best?
I am a jumpsuit/romper gal. If it has pockets, even better!
Shapewear thoughts?
No thanks. I have never tried them but I don’t like the idea of being stuffed into something super tight in order to look thinner. I’m good.
Any tips/tricks you’d like to let people in on?
Don’t be attached to the size on the label. Sometimes I fit a 28 pant and sometimes the 31 fits better. It’s really about what fits and feels comfortable. Wearing well-fitting clothes is the first step to looking and feeling great!
Anything else you’d like to share?
Find the activities that bring you joy and do them. I tried to be a gym junkie for a while. I dragged myself there and did the workouts. But I wasn’t having fun. So I wasn’t consistent about it and I dreaded it. Once I became more honest with myself I began to incorporate dancing and skating into my regular weekly schedule. Now, working out is something I get psyched for!

Photographer: Shay Paresh

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