How to Transition Summer Looks into Fall

The Fall weather can be finicky. Temps have dropped but the Weather Gods could bless us with a high 70s or even low 80s day on any given moment. That’s why dressing for Fall can be tricky!

I’ve created two looks to give you some ideas on how to transition summer pieces that can be good for both the chilly and random hot days throughout the Fall!

Look 1 – Skirt & Fall Sweater

I’ve taken a fun summer skirt and paired it with an off the shoulder white top. I’ve thrown some classic white sneakers on and an incredibly soft sweater that I can either front tuck or tie in a knot. In those moments it gets too warm, take the sweater off and throw it either over your shoulders or tie around your waist!

I love being able to reuse some of my most favorite summer pieces throughout the Fall and sometimes, Winter. They’re too good to let them sit in the closet from months without being used! It’s super easy to take a summer skirt and pair it with close toed shoes and a simple sweater.

Look 2 – Dress & Denim Jacket

Another Summer favorite that I don’t want to let go to waist! I’ve taken this blue floral Summer dress and pair it with a closed toe white bootie and a denim jacket. It’s so easy to put on the jacket and curtail it’s wear, depending on the weather’s mood.

A pair of white booties are a staple in my closet and love pairing with most anything! They can literally be worn all year round. Pair with a summer skirt and tank or with a dress during the Fall. I also love wearing them with a pair of jeans and oversized sweater in the Winter.

Since most of us are spending more time at home nowadays, I’ve rounded up some fun Fall loungewear that you can check out here.

Shop my other favorites here!

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