Old Navy Workout Legging Haul

Having a movement routine is so so so important, especially right now during these quarantine COVID times. I mention this all the time, but exercising has so many benefits that have nothing to do with our outside appearance. Read about my top 5 reasons here.

Having exercise clothing like that we feel and look good in is equally important. A stylist legging has a lot more to it than just clothing our bodies. It’s something we don’t put a ton of attention into, but we should! Putting more effort and thought into our workout gear has the possibility to change the way we think about fitness.

Exercise clothing has the ability to motivate us in ways we might not have thought of before. In my ‘9 Reasons Your Workout Clothing Should Be as Important as the Rest of Your Wardrobe,’ I state

“Do you think you’d be more inclined to get your body moving if you were excited about what was on your body? Why does one “dress for success” when going into your job? You want to be successful. I suggest if you have this same thought process when it comes to exercise clothing, it will in turn will make you more successful (mentally and physically).”

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