Zara Sale Hits, Everytime!!

1st video of 2024!! Thank you for giving me grace during the first couple of weeks of the new year. I took a short break and intentionally started 2024 slowly...after busting my a** in 2023! ALSO - I hit 100k!! Thank you all so much for being here!

You know I LOVE Zara - and it's always hit or miss since most things aren't cut for curvy bodies. But I'm always on the hunt to find things that work for us.

SHOP my Zara finds:

Bookmark this tab, as I always update my Zara favorites. Unfortunately, most of the sale stuff is sold out - but there's still a few things left AND some stuff I got that wasn't on sale and still in stock!

My Measurements for Reference: Bust: 36" [34D bra] Waist: 29" Hip: 44" Height: 5'7" Top: M/L Bottom: 8/10