How to Wear All White to Your 30th Birthday Party!

How to Wear All White to Your 30th Birthday Party!

So, I’m a couple months into my 31st year of life, and it’s been the best year of my life so far.  You ask, “already?”  Yes!  Already.  The majority of people are generally weary of turning the B-I-G 3-0 but I was excited and was looking forward to it.  This year I have styled a couple huge gigs for major companies (Adidas!!) and God has blessed me with incredible new people in my life.  It is only going to get better…the older I get, the better life gets—it’s pretty incredible!

So for those of you who thought I wore a dress on my birthday, you all are WRONG!  Hehe…it’s actually separates.  I wore a feathery skirt from Club Monacco and a beaded top from Topshop (that I can’t find online for you, anywhere!).  I kept my jewerly to a minimum because I had SO much going on everywhere else.  I kept my shoe very minimal as well-it’s best to let one or 2 pieces speak the most (for example: a statement necklace) while keeping everything else subtle.

My tip for wearing anything white:

1).  Only wear a nude shoe when wearing all white (do not wear a white shoe-wearing white from head to toe and looking chic is nearly impossible)

2).  White always looks better on me when I have a glow-I self tanned!  It’s just what I have to do to make it through the winter!  (Don’t judge me!)

3).  It’s okay to mix whites & creams (my skirt was definitely white, but my top was a creamy color-they complimented each other well)

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