What To Wear on an Outside Run When the Weather is Breaking


The weather is finally breaking…or it did for at least one day!  And so I took full advantage of the “warmer” weather (nowadays, 50s is warm to us-eek!).

I have been training for my first ever ten mile race, which is in May, and have been waiting for the day when I can go outside!  I have a hard time running outside when it’s cold (anyone else have lung pain when breathing in?) so I’ve been inside the entire winter on the treadmill, staring at a white wall.  So incredibly boring.  As you can imagine, I was ecstatic to throw on my new Adidas Ultra Boosts (game changer!) and hit the pavement.

Looking good while you workout has always been something I’ve been in a strong believer in.  It’s an added bonus to you feeling that much better about yourself.  The gym (or wherever your place of exercise is) is a place where people go to look better and feel better so it only makes sense that your gym attire is up to par…making your workout session that much more uplifting.  If you have some raggedly old gym pants and torn tees, try getting a new outfit, and I promise you that you will wish you had upped your athletic gear months ago!  Trust me, try it!

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