Join My 30 Day Ab Program


Hey y’all!

Welcome to Day-1 of my 30 day ab challenge! What better time than now to get motivated and commit together, to moving our bodies for the next 30 days.  It’s been a weird couple of weeks.

By now, we’re all settling into our isolation and social distancing in hopes we can flatten the curve of this virus. During this time we’ll be cooped up in our homes so I cannot stress enough the importance of moving our bodies through it all. For our mental health, heart health, to build our  strength, to build and strengthen our immune systems and to help relieve stress. For some, the days will most likely seem long, we’ll all have less interaction with friends and family and people in general, we’ll be getting less fresh air…so it is IMPERATIVE that we try to keep our spirits up and stress down. The best way to do that is to move our bodies. 

Here’s how it works!

-Every morning at 6:00am an email with the day’s 10 minute ab workout will hit your inbox.

-You choose when to watch and follow along, whenever it’s convenient to your schedule. You can wear whatever and do it wherever. Use a yoga mat, rug or towel for comfort.

-Place your phone, tablet or computer in front of you so you can follow along.

-You won’t need any equipment. All you will need is yourself! I may add weights in a few videos, but please know that you do not need to add them. And if I don’t add weights, please feel free to use them on your own. If you do not have weights at home, grab 2 cans of beans or 2 full water bottles.

-Try your best to not pause the video! 

-Use #MM30DayAbChallenge hashtag to post on Instagram (this way we can create a community to support each other and hold us accountable to our commitment).

Some notes about my ab videos:

-I do not have music playing in my videos, nor do I talk (first-because I can’t do more than one thing at a time) but mostly because I have always wanted to blast my music while doing my YouTube ab workouts. If the instructor talks the whole time, I can’t do that! So, I encourage you to turn on some tunes! I’ve already tuned myself out for you. However, I do have a *beep* to indicate when the exercise changes. Keep your device close with the volume up.

-I encourage you to skim through the videos before you press play so you can familiarize yourself with the movements. 10 minutes is a very short period of time, and I don’t want you to waste one second of it!

-To ensure we are getting the most out of these workouts, whenever you are laying flat on your back for an exercise, I want your lower back to be as flush to the ground as possible. Envision you have a t-shirt or towel under it. Press your lower back into the ground by engaging your abs, so that you can’t pull the t-shirt or towel out from under you for the entirety of the workout. Do not let your back arch. 

-You can always modify! If there is something that you’re having difficulty with (for example a plank),  drop your knees to modify. Do what’s best for you and your body. 

-Everything is timed. Number of reps do not matter, unless indicated.

-As much as we’d all love to see results from doing 30 days of abs, I must remind you that 70% of abs are made in the kitchen! Be sure to eat well over the next 30 days to see optimum results.

This is the first time I’ve ever filmed my workouts! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for SO long. But I must warn you, I’m no professional (so workout at your own risk). My form isn’t always great and my legs aren’t straight when they probably should be (thanks to my insanely and always tight hamstrings), but my abs are WORKING! All I ask is that you do your best, don’t pause the videos, modify when you need to and don’t give up!

Let’s support one another through this challenging time. I’m here for you, I encourage you, I support you. Now LET’S DO THIS!!!!

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN JOINING, DROP YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW OR CONTACT ME IN PRIVATE. If you’re too late to the game, I’ll be posting the videos here or check out my YouTube Channel.

Merci! Merideth

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