4 Easy Tricks to Transform a $5 Dress


Its often that people think I’m spending a fortune on my outfits when typically its all very reasonably (or inexpensively) priced. I tend to buy things at a lower price point (except my designer sunglasses), and then style them in a way that happens to make them look more expensive. Styling is key and will instinctively elevate your look.

I grabbed this t-shirt dress last summer for $5 from Forever21 and wore it with flip flops when I was in St. Lucia. Who would have thought that I could then wear it as a gown to an event like a wedding?! Great accessories and being well groomed can work wonders.

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But if it just about boosting your mundane, one-color dress to its full potential, then these few tricks should help.

1.) Costume Jewelry

Add a chic statement necklace, a jeweled bangle, or some expensive looking earrings and your entire outfit will suddenly be enhanced. This also provides the perfect opportunity to personalise your outfit. For example, you could wear a bracelet which has a Christian symbol on it if you have Christian beliefs. This is a subtle and stylish way to tell people something about you just from your outfit. Jewelry, in general, is such an easy way to bring an outfit to life and give you that oomph factor that you were looking for. JACOBS THE JEWELLER will be able to assist you in this department.

2.) Grooming

This is equally as important! Stay fresh. If you have the right hair and makeup and a fresh mani/pedi, your simple dress can look ultra chic. Get rid of your peeled polish and do something to that dull face. Create drama with your hair or makeup.

3.) Add a Great Bag

Find a structured bejeweled clutch and let it be the focal point. This will give your plain dress a boost for sure.

4). Centerpiece Shoes

If your dress is basic, your shoes have permission to be outrageous. Your shoes will take your simple outfit and transform it into a stunning one.

? If you’d like to find something similar to what I’m wearing, I’ve listed some of my favorites below!

Red Dresses: Dress | Dress | Dress | Dress

Clutches: Silver | Black | Blue | Yellow | Sapphire

Statement Necklaces: Necklace | Necklace | Necklace | Necklace

Earrings: Earring | Earring | Earring | Earring

Bracelets: Bracelet | Bracelet | Bracelet | Bracelet

Shoes: Shoe | Shoe | Shoe | Shoe

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