5 Outfit Ideas for You Next Test Shoot

Models constantly have to test, for as long as they work in the industry. It’s important to test to keep their books (aka portfolios) up to date with fresh pictures. This is basically to show the clients how you like at the very moment they may book you. If for example, you have changed your hair color, went up/down in weight, got your teeth straightened, got a new piercing/tattoo, etc. the client needs to see that. If he’s looking for a brunette but you went blonde, and you got booked off your brunette images, let’s just say that is a NO-NO!

The model and photographer (and sometimes your agent) come up with a concept for the test and then choose outfits based on those ideas. Sometimes your agents will be hands on and want to make the decisions and sometimes they won’t. I’ve struggled coming up with what to wear for tests (even though I’m a stylist!) so I decided to make a little outfit guide to help make things easier for your test!


Agencies and brands want to see what your body looks like so that way when they book you, they know exactly who they are hiring. This is also super important for the stylist. Be sure to include a bra and panty or swimsuit shot in your book.


Grab a flirty and fun dress (in a fun color!) and layer with a denim jacket. It gives you the perfect lifestyle shot. Layering is a great way to also grab extra shots (makes you look like you’re in a completely different outfit sometimes). It also something to do with your hands and creates movement with.


To show your versatility and that you can move your body (even if you don’t/can’t), including a fitness shot is super important. Tank and tights or sports bra and bike shorts and sneaks!


The girl next door outfit! Grab a pair of jeans and a white tee, or in my case, jean shorts and a cropped white tank. A casual shot like this is perfect for your book.

Bonus Shot + Headshots

If you have time for an extra shot, grab your favorite outfit and take a shot that will show off something your other photos haven’t! The image on the left is a perfect shot for those clients who are looking for someone with great hair! The image on the right is an awesome headshot. Be sure to get your photog to take some close up shots!

Images by Nicole Lebris Creative