Midsize & Curvy Denim Shorts Guide

When was the last time you wore a pair of denim shorts…that actually fit and were comfortable? If you’re shaped anything like me, you have always had an EXTREMELY hard time find denim shorts that work for our shape. I found some reallllly great options for us midsize and curvy babes! I found an equation to find denim shorts that work: 4″ inseam (or longer) + high rise = denim shorts that work. But, this isn’t a foolproof equation. As you’ll see some didn’t work so well for me.

I wanted to

My measurements: 36″ bust 29″ waist 44″ hip

Abercrombie [29] https://bit.ly/3qITfEQ

Levis [29] https://bit.ly/3qySOgf

Revolve [L] https://bit.ly/3ynVLTv

American Eagle [6 & 10] https://bit.ly/2SziU6j

H&M [6-needed to order my reg size 8] https://bit.ly/3hcPbIw

Gap [29] https://bit.ly/3dKY4Ix

NastyGal [M] https://bit.ly/3ypUmvU

Target 1 [10] https://bit.ly/3A9RIM6

Target 2 [12] https://bit.ly/3A95bnG

Target 3 [10] https://bit.ly/36ekePa

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American Eagle