The Reason Why I’m Loving The Athleisure Trend

I went to private school where we had a strict dress code. There were no t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, anything branded, etc, allowed. Let’s put it this way, no athletic attire. I’m also fairly certain (if my memory serves me correctly), jeans weren’t allowed either.

Having to abide by a dress code meant that there was no purchasing anything that wasn’t school appropriate. My school wardrobe was my full time wardrobe. In addition, game days, the rule was that we would also be dressed up. We never traveled in our sweats. Looking presentable at all times was essentially the rule.

One summer, I vividly remember visiting family on the South Shore of Boston. Once we were out of the car and walking towards the front door, my cousin asked me “why are you so dressed up?” What did she mean? This is dressed up?

After all, it was the middle of the summer and in a beach town (read: relaxation and chill). I felt embarrassed at the time because she was older and wayyy cooler than I. She was home for the summer from Duke, where she was on a full ride to play Lacrosse and Field Hockey. That also meant she lived in gym shorts and tees, and no doubt checked out here for extra lacrosse equipment as she looked like she never had a day off from practice.

In fact, I remember what I had on that day (crazy, right?!). I had on a knee length denim pencil skirt (that had a front slit) and it fit my lower body extremely well. The beige button down was light weight and airy.

I had it tucked in and I cuffed my sleeves and pushed them up to my elbow. Then there were the shoes…a beige wedge heel. I was in high school mind you, walking around like I was a mature adult.

I thought this was normal attire. It was all I knew. I had to dress this way every day for school and even on some Saturday’s when we had Saturday Classes. Looking back on it, my strict dress code most likely propelled my intense love for fashion. I had to pay attention to everything I wore from grade 7-12.

Fast forward, I’m making up for lost time when it comes to dressing for comfort. I’m living in sweats and Sweatshirts, but making it fashion. Athleisure, if you’re not familiar is the combination of athletic and leisure. A perfect mix of streetwear and sportswear. It is as easy to get right as throwing on one of these amazing hoodies that you can find now at and stepping out on the concrete. So simple, and yet so chic.

If you watched my ASOS x Laquan Smith Haul and Try On Youtube video, you know that comfort is ruling my life nowadays. Long gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable shoes, even though they’re cute.

As a result, I just went through my closet and got rid of all my pants that sit too low on my waist (anything not high waisted). Grr! That is the MOST uncomfortable thing ever.

There’s really no wrong way to wear athleisure. Besides, it helps motivate me to get to the gym!

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

-head to toe in athletic wear

-sweatpants/leggings with an oversized sweater and leather moto jacket.

-track pants with high heel shoe or boot

-sweatshirt with a skirt

-sports bra or cropped t-shirt with high waisted pair of pants

And pretty much fashion sneakers with everything.

I’ve listed my some of my favorite athleisure pieces below along with some of what my and my girls are wearing in this post!

Thanks so much for stopping by today loves! Have a great week ahead!



Photographer: Julian Dicampo