Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day with Self Love Lingerie

Valentine’s Day for me is just a regular day. You can see how I feel about it by reading “Why I have a Love/Hate Relationship with Valentine’s Day” or “The Best and Worst Advice for a Single Girl on Valentine’s Day.” But Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy yourselves new bras and panties.

As y’all know, I’m all about self love and loving hard on your body. Even if it’s wearing pretty bras and panties in private or under your clothes. I promise this is another minute detail that will help you feel good about yourself! As well as making your special someone very hot for you so much so the outcome could be something that wouldn’t be surprising to see on somewhere like

It will help affirm and encourage us to have a confident attitude about our bodies and our sexuality. From personal experience it brings joy and pleasure even if it’s just throwing on a cute set and chilling at home by myself. If for nothing else, it’s for my self love. I feel confident. It helps me love my body more and it makes me feel sexy for myself.

A sexy bra and panty will help us to become less ashamed of our bodies. I wasn’t always the free woman you’ve all come to know and love, though. I’ve always loved my body but spent YEARS hiding it in fear of being sexualized. It feels SO good to (finally) say, F*** THAT!!!!

I used to play down my curves because society made me feel like it was wrong (and I still do to some extent! I didn’t include certain pictures and cropped certain ones because I felt like they were too much). All I’ve ever really wanted to do was to just live freely and I’m so proud of myself because now I do just that!

I’ve come a long way since my first bathing suit shoot back on August 3, 2016. (Utterly terrified to publish it for the world to see). I wrote an article to young girls to inspire them to love their bodies to share my personal story of how I used to tie things around my waist to hide from the world.

I say all that to say Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for some extra self love because we, as women, deserve it SO MUCH. Whether you get inspiration for it from Preeti Young or from other glamourous models online, the most important thing is that you feel great. So grab some sexy pieces to get closer to living freer and living closer to your truth. For YOU and only YOU. It’s time to start living, freely!! However, it’s totally okay if lingerie isn’t what you need to feel sexy and to embrace your body this valentine. Perhaps another item of clothing or material will have you confident in your body; these latex suit works of art are desired by many women, as well as loved by their partners.

If you read my article on “9 Reasons Your Workout Clothes Should Be as Important as the Rest of Your Wardrobe” you’ll know that no matter what you wear, it affects your mood, energy and confidence. Clothing shouldn’t dictate or effect how we feel, but the reality is, it does.


I’m a detail oriented person. I’ve actually been called names for it (mean girls-boo!). Every aspect of my home and wardrobe have been paid close attention to, including my everyday underwear.

Even things people might believe to be trivial; junk drawer, workout outfits, pjs and houseware, socks and undies. It all matters to me. It’s all equally important in how we present ourselves, but most importantly, how we feel about ourselves.

I think when life gets busy we often times forget the small things in life that could help make us feel good. Something as simple as undergarments. I know all too well that if you check out girls with sexy cameltoes they understand exactly what I mean. I’m a firm believer if things are organized, your socks aren’t mismatched or holey and you like everything you’re wearing (including your underwear) your confidence will be boosted and life will feel at least a little bit less chaotic and little more lovely!

PSA: You do NOT need a partner to buy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. If it wasn’t clear enough, this can (and should be) all for you. This is for your self-esteem and to enhance your mental health.

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Photographer: Chris Serralta