Interview: Who I Am and Why I Do What I Do!

Ferny, an incredible photographer, who used to shoot me at Gwynnie Bee, came up with the idea to create this quick video to showcase all the things I do and why! Watch the video above to see what I do and who I do it for (2Chainz voice)!


I’m Merideth Morgan! I’m a fashion stylist. A blogger. A model and a fitness enthusiast.

When I style other people, it’s a chance to help them express who they are and how they want to be perceived to the world. The greatest reward is helping people feel really good about themselves.

I started my blog in 2011 to help further inspire through fashion and a body positive mindset. Fashion has been so important to me because if you look good you’re one step closer to feeling good.

While blogging,  I would photograph myself modeling the outfits I put together. It was an outlet. It made me feel really good and it boosted my confidence.

Modeling made me realize that there was an opportunity to try to break down barriers for those of us sizes 8-10-12 who are underrepresented in the fashion industry.

One of the other ways that I make sure that I feel good is incorporating physical exercise into my lifestyle. The reason I workout is not necessarily to lose weight but to build my strength and to build my stamina. I’ve also been playing basketball ever since I was a kid. That is another way to kind of stay fit and to release my endorphins to get energy for everyday life.

Through my blog, and everything that I do I hope to be able to inspire people to live a life of positivity.

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