Beauty: Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow Review


Beauty Must Haves!

My Shopping Bag

Picked up some new goodies last week. Normally, I’m not into name brands, but for makeup, it’s a must. I can attest to the fact that make up feels and looks different when it’s of a better quality. I did have a conversation with a girlfriend of mine during my Super Bowl party (of all places, I know!) about mascara and how there’s such a need for it, so it’s super competitive. And that the L’Oreal’s and Maybelline’s are constantly coming out with new mascaras because of it. So I’m tempted to try some of the drug store brands!!  Mascara is mascara, it’s not a foundation (which holds a higher level of importance).

Cream Bronzer-Chanel (This is AMAZING. You apply with a brush (yes it’s creamed) and because it’s not a powder, it doesn’t sit on top of your skin. It looks and feels like a cream).

Mascara-YSL (I reallllly like the way that this goes on. But I have some specifications that my mascara must have…I must be able to wash off easily with soap, and it must not bleed down my face (giving me black under eye circles). Not as important-it must make my lashes thick and full. This YSL mascara compared to the Shocking YSL mascara that I normally use is incomparable. (See post on mascaras here). Like I said, I really like the way it looks, it doesn’t go on as thick as the Shocking, but it bleeds overnight and I wake up in the morning and have to SCRUB it off. It doesn’t pass my mascara test. It’s going back and exchanging it with my good ole Shocking).

Eyeliner-YSL (I wanted to change up my look slightly and wanted something to make my eyes POP! I do like the way this goes on except I have a hard time getting a thin straight line. This is only because I’m not used to doing it! It is a pencil but goes on super, super smoothly. I’m also looking for a good plum eyeliner…I have hazel eyes and the plum is the perfect color to compliment them. It may make my eyes pop more with the plum! Stay tuned!)

Eyeshadow-YSL (I never change up my look when I go out on the town, or out to a nice dinner. I do not wear a ton of makeup, but wanted something subtle to jazz up my look, without it being dramatic. This soft, warm pallet will do just that!! )