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How many of you struggle with your hair? Too frizzy, not thick enough, extremely dry? Are you like me and always looking for the next product to solve your hair struggles and goals? I think I’ve finally found it. I’d like to introduce you to Formulate!

Formulate is a shampoo and conditioner company that creates a personalized set just for you! They have chemists and engineers that create a custom formula for your hair, for your unique characteristics and goals and environment. All you have to do is take a quick quiz asking you about your hair, your lifestyle and what you’d like to achieve.

Their mission is to solve the world’s personal hair care struggles. How many times have you purchased products off the shelf that you hope and pray will work for your hair and didn’t? As a result, the products sat in your shower or cabinet. I mean, we’re talking about mass produced products that we have zero control over the formula. In other words, how do they expect it to work for all hair types when there are so many different kinds of hair?

What’s a mass produced shampoo and conditioner formula? My guess is, “Let’s put a little bit of this for thin, a little for thick, some for course, some for smooth, a little extra for frizzy, but not too much for dull…” I mean, how do they expect that to work for anyone? (Let’s be honest, I have no idea how they make products, but seems logical for mass produced shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for everyone).

How do companies know what we actually need? So, this is why I’m so excited about Formulate. It’s absolutely brilliant! This aren’t trend-driven, there are no gimmicks and they alleviate product waste! We can tell them exactly what we need. See my hair breakdown and what I wanted to achieve below.

My hair goals and hair type:

The best part about it? You get to choose your scent and how strong you want it. I choose all of my products (home/beauty/cleaning, etc.) based on smell. It’s very, very important to me. I chose coconut (my favorite!) and chose the maximum strength (options are slight scent, medium or strong). As a result, it had my hair smelling like coconut literally until the next wash.

My personalized formula:

To enter at your chance to win a free customized shampoo and conditioner, click the link below!


The things you need to know!

Enter to win your very own customized 14oz shampoo and conditioner

-Preservative free

-Sulfate free

-Paraban free

-Cruelty free

-If they don’t get your formula right on the first try, they’ll adjust your ingredients and ship you a new formula for free!

-$59 value

-For all non winners, receive $5 off your purchase just for entering contest!

Photographs by Merideth Morgan