This Anti Chafe Stick, ‘Thigh Rescue’ from Megababe, Has Changed My Life Forever

The ‘Thigh Rescue’ anti-chafe stick by Megababe has changed my life forever. It’s changed how I dress. It’s changed the way I shop. There are many struggles us curvy girls have, but because of this product, I can finally wear dresses and skirts again!

I have thighs, and big glorious thighs at that. Thighs that have no gap. Thighs that cause an insane amount of heat and friction. Stinging and burning. Severe pain and rashes. Thighs that cause bleeding. Thighs that cause so much discomfort that I have to resort to walking (read: waddling) with a straight face, without allowing my legs to touch while grimacing inside.

Did you know that skin is our largest organ? Our skin cells will eventually break down once they reach their limit (ie. if they’re overworked). That’s what happens to my thighs when I don’t wear pants/biker shorts/spanx shorts to protect them.Because of the pain, I stopped wearing dresses and skirts altogether. I got tired of having to wear my bike shorts or spanx shorts under to protect them.

And trust me when I tell you I’ve tried everything…

Baby powder, deodorant, lotions or creams, vaseline. They’d work for a short period of time (only a matter of minutes), but the more friction, the more the product rubbed away or disappeared altogether. I couldn’t find anything that would protect me from pain. Until I found Megababe.

My prayers have been answered and I finally found a magical product that has changed my life. I’d like to introduce you to Megababe Thigh Rescue. The founder and body positive advocate, Katie Sturino, designed this heavenly product that creates a friction barrier that sits on top of the skin. It allows my thighs to glide against each other instead of chafe.

Katie, also the creator of “The 12ish Style Blog” decided to address “taboo” body discomfort issues, therefore she came up with the brilliant idea of “Thigh Rescue.” She creates on purpose driven products, as opposed to products that try to fix something that’s “wrong with you.”

She creates products to make us feel comfortable as opposed products that try to change something that’s all too normal. Katie is creating things for us to eliminate the conditioned shame associated with our everyday bodily nuances.

She wants us to not suffer or be in denial, for example with boob sweat. So she created “Bust Dust,” an anti-boob sweat spray. She also created Sunny Pits and Rosy Pits deodorant that is all natural and safe for everyday wear.

Some other things you need to know about Megababe Thigh Rescue:

-toxin free

-ingredients: soothing aloes, antioxidants, grape seed oil, pomegranate seed extract

-melts instantly into skin

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