Healthy, Gluten Free Halloween Treats: Banana Ghosts & More!

healthy fun gluten free treats for halloween
healthy GF treats for Halloween
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gluten free fun healthy treats for Halloween
gluten free fun healthy treats for Halloween

The food may be the most important part of your party for your guests (decorations are far more important in my book!).

Banana Ghosts – cut banana in half, add mini chocolate chips for eyes…boo!

Orange Pumpkins – cut off tip of orange to place on plate (keeps from rolling),  peel half, add celery stick for stem

Apples & Almond butter – a twist (and healthier option) on the candy apple.  Slice apples, put on stick.  Warm up almond butter to make smooth

Nuts and Frozen Fruit – buy fun colored baking cups from Marshalls/HomeGoods and add your favorite healthy treat to nibble on

Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins/Cookies – I’m not going to lie, these might even be better than the “real thing.”  Try Simple Mills brand, they are all almond flour based!

Other – for added color, grab anything green/black/orange/white (ex: olives), and add orange slices and cucumbers to the water.

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All photos taken by Merideth Morgan.