H&M Summer and Fall Haul & Try On

Per the poll on IG, y’all wanted a mix of Summer & Fall! Saying farewell to Summer but not to warm weather. I’m showing you how to transition some Summer pieces into Fall! Sizes and links below.

Orange Tank [M] https://bit.ly/2GBmgPH

Orange Biker Short [M] https://bit.ly/33baqmY Sneakers [8] https://bit.ly/33aWcTn

Polka Dot Dress [M] https://bit.ly/35blFP3

Green Leopard Dress [M] https://bit.ly/3lXfd45

Orange Dress [M] https://bit.ly/2ZfU23k

Beach Bag https://bit.ly/2F7exsm

Paperbag Wasit Pants [8] https://bit.ly/2F7RTQz

White Top [M] https://bit.ly/2R63gLm

Leopard Shacket [M] https://bit.ly/3jQoGrW

Blue Pumps [40] https://bit.ly/3h8b2iqGreen

Cargo Pants [8] https://bit.ly/3jVIavA

Red Skirt [8] https://bit.ly/2ZcVd3x

Beige Sweater [S] https://bit.ly/3m1uPU8

Denim Jacket [M] https://bit.ly/3lYafUI

Blue Floral Dress [M] https://bit.ly/334PttT 

Sequin Skirt [8] https://bit.ly/2U07SoQ

Love Tee [XL] https://bit.ly/3jWIw56

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