SHEIN Haul & Try-On

I made my very first purchase from SHEIN and you’ll need to watch the video to find out what happens! Are they midsize curvy girl approved?!

Trying out new stores as a curvy midsize girl can be scary. Especially when all the clothing is super stylish at an affordable price. I know which stores to avoid and which ones have become my go-to. But I’ve learned over the years to try and not set myself up for disappointment because there have been times I’ve fallen in love with an article of clothing but there was no chance in H-E-double hockey sticks, it would fit my curves properly. Trying to avoid that heartbreak is easier said than done!

Something major to note-there is ALWAYS a discount code on their site, so everything I got was on sale. Also, this entire purchase (15 items) was $200. BOOM! That averages out to $13/item and the material is good quality! Let’s just say, I wasn’t holding my breath on anything, as it being my first time ordering online from a company not in America.

*Spoiler Alert* Blown away.

Links and sizes below: [SHEIN sizing is a bit different, so be sure to choose the letter that corresponds to your number. For example, their 8/10 is a Large where as in America, an 8/10 is a Medium]

Jumpsuit (L)

Tunic (M)

Sandals (40)

Black Tee (M)

White Tee (M)

Yellow Tank (M)

Ruffle Tank (M)

Palm Shirt (M)

Orange Dress (M)

Leopard Dress (S)

Short Set (L)

Bball Purse

Jogger Set (L)

One Piece (L)

Bikini (L)

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