Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Gifts Ideas for the Gold Lover


If you haven’t done any of your holiday shopping yet, now is your chance! Cyber Monday has some incredible deals but it can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what to search for!

I’ve come up with a list of ideas for the healthy living, gold loving, fashionable, artsy gal!

1)  Gold iPhone Speaker – Listen to your tunes in style!

2)  Red Blender – Perfect for morning fruit smoothies!  Keep Organic frozen fruit, throw in blender, add some greek yogurt, and voila! 

3)  Yoga Mat & Towel – Just spent an entire week doing Bikram everyday over Thanksgiving.  You will hurt your knees when you don’t have the proper mat! The denser the mat, the better.  Also-a long enough towel is absolutely necessary!

4)  Monogram Golden Mug – Gold initials!  Yes!

5)  Gold French Press – Perfect for the person who loves a good coffee, and GOLD!

6)  Peripera Love Fairy Lip Balm (color: Ready For a Kiss) – Too cute!

7)  Foam Roller – Heard this is a GEM!  Anyone else have tight hamstrings?!

8)  Lomography ‘Diana’ Gold Camera – Perfect for the person who loves photography, and GOLD!

9)  Gold Feather Ring – Someone who loves feathers and gold!

10)  White Birkenstocks – These are most definitely a must.  If you don’t believe me, read my article in Paste Magazine showing you how to wear them, fashionably!

11)  Sports Armband (light gray) – Perfect for the girl who is tired of putting their iPhone in their sports bra when lifting!  Grr!

12)  Gold Cheese Knives Set – Perfect for the gold lover, entertainer or cheese lover!

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

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