10 Practical Jackets and Tops

men's fashion outfits
men's fashionable jackets and tops

Over the weekend, I had some college buddies ask me where is the hottest place to shop. They hail from Massachusetts and they know full well that we do things a bit differently here in the city. My first places I told them took them by surprise, to say the least; H&M, Forever21, and Karmaloop. Their jaws dropped. “Forever21 has men’s clothing?!”

Before they started to think, it was I, the fool, I quickly rebutted why. For starters, all three stores are affordable. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a winter coat or a blazer or a button-up shirt. Although if you want some really good quality custom dress shirts, these stores probably aren’t the place to go. But if you’re after cheap and cheerful, feel free to keep reading! Secondly, there is something that we, industry people call trends “fast fashion,” meaning something that is trendy this year and perhaps next may not be the thing to wear a couple years from now. So I circle back to my first point, why spend hundreds when you won’t have them in your closet forever? There are certain things that will tend to circle back around though from time to time, like a certain hat or perhaps a mens needlepoint belt. I do, however, believe that there should be investment pieces in your closet that you may have to spend a little bit of change on, such as, really well tailored suits, a high quality jean, or a classic wool coat.

But, who knows if plaid shirts will be the ‘must have’ in your closet a year or two from now. Maybe you don’t feel like breaking the bank on a real leather coat (no one knows if its real or fake anyway!).

So, I took it upon myself to do a Forever21 round up this week for you guys on affordable and fashionable pieces.


Stay tuned for my round up of “Leg Day” which will be comprised of bottoms and “Footwear and Things” which will consist of the hottest shoes and accouterments next week!

Toggle Coat

Wool Trench

Plaid Shirt

Longline Flannel

Scuba Hoodie

Elbow Patch Cardigan

Leather Panel Sweatshirt

Velvet Blazer

Hooded Bomber

Chambray Button Down

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