How a Totally Normal Trip to Targét Can Go Astray


How does my totally normal Targét trips to pick up necessities – turns AMAZING (every time)!

Every time I walk into Target for one or two things that I absolutely need but hate to spend money on (prime example – toilet paper or tooth paste), I end up walking out with goodies that I was not intending to find.  Typical.

My normal weekly errands trip usually includes Trader Joe’s or WholeFoods, a car wash, and Target (which I leave for last, because it’s just so exciting.  No, but seriously…who am I?!), which then turns into this whole affordable shopping experience (and I’m totally okay with that).

I know I’m not alone in this struggle…Target!…what is it with you?!

T-Shirt – Mossimo $12

Watch – Merona Boyfriend Watch $16.99

Earrings – Gold Dangle $7.99

Sandals – Mossimo $19.99

Lip Stain – Revlon Colorburst $6.29

Lip Shimmer – Burt’s Bees $3.99 (These are amazing!  They’re not just a lip balm, they add moisture and color-briliant!)

You can grab everything I did in store, online!

Happy shopping!