Mascara Review: Dior Show & Shocking YSL


I ran out of my mascara and thought it was time to switch it up. I always tell women that you should never leave the house without throwing on mascara and lip moisturizer (Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip moisturizer is my favorite). For those of you who have 2 more minutes in the morning, you should also include bronzer and a bit of blush as well.

I am in love with all the products I use, and sometimes I’m not up on trying something new unless I know I’m going to love it. (I’ve used the same brand moisturizer, foundation, bronzer, and blush for years). The one thing I tend to try more often is mascara, it runs out quicker then say a foundation, etc. And quite frankly, I haven’t found one that I’m in love with just yet. This YSL mascara has been everything I’ve been looking for and more! It tends to be a thicker application (which can be controlled), it extends, thickens, and looks amazing.

One thing I’m always unhappy about with mascara is the “wash off appeal.” Whether I go swimming, take a shower and wash my face, or sweat in this humid NYC…I want it to either stay on or come off…no in between stage! What I mean by this is that I can wash my face in the shower and get out and have black underneath my eye (They’re Real! by Benefit does this) or I can go swimming and it will leak down my face (Dior Show does this). Both things hugely irritate me. So far so good on the YSL tip…washes off nicely in shower. Haven’t tried swimming yet! What’s your favorite mascara??

I would suggest staying away from waterproof mascara…takes an army to get it off your eyes and removed from your stained skin.

Shocking by YSL
Dior Show and Dior Maximizer
They’re Real by Benefit