Stay Hydrated in Style This Summer


We should all prioritize the consumption of water wayyy more than we do. Your body has a lot of important jobs and the way for them to function properly is as easy as drinking water. Here are some of my tops reasons drinking water is SO important, the results may be shocking.

1). For starters, we can live only a few days without water but can live much longer without food. Imagine if we made drinking water as important as eating food!

2). We may think our body is telling us that we are hungry, but most often we are just thirsty! Drink water acts as a an appetite suppressant. Drink water and lose weight.

3). Water does really and truly make your skin glow (I mean, it is our largest organ we have in our body after all!). Drinking water regularly improves the texture and color of our skin.

4). And last but not least (my favorite), dehydration causes moodiness and grumpiness. Can we all, please just buy some water from Custom Water and be happy?! You’ll think clearer and will be happier!

To make your drinking water more ‘drinkable’, you could invest in a water filter as reviewed over on Water Filter Way. See here for more information.

Some other benefits of drinking lots of water: less joint pain, perform better, flush out waste and bacteria, and prevent headaches!

Whilst drinking water can prevent all of these ailments from occurring, sometimes they can happen because of other reasons. When they do, it could have a significant effect on your quality of life, so the sooner you do something about it the better. For example, if you are suffering from joint pain, trying something like this CBD gel from somewhere like Mission Farms CBD (find more here) could help to make a positive difference to your symptoms, and in turn, could help to make you feel more comfortable until you can find a more permanent solution. But you should always make sure that you take the time to drink as much water as you can to prevent further problems.

With all the said, why not make drinking water fashionable and fun?! It honestly helps me drink more water when my bottle is sleek and chic. Bkr (pronounced “Beacker”), is the perfect solution to staying hydrated and will change the way you consume water forever. Throw your camping equipment (read: bulky water bottle) aside and grab this coveted beauty essential. Tal and Kate, the faces behind their self made glass/silicone/BPA free water bottles, break it down simply; 8 Hours of Sleep, 8 Hours of Work, 8 Hours of Fun, 8 Glass of water.

Carry your Bkr bottle with you everywhere and try to drink at least half your weight in ounces in water. (For example: If you are 150lbs you should drink 75oz of water, which is roughly 9 cups)

If Bkr isn’t your thing, here are a few other water bottle options:

Typewriter Monogram Water Bottle

Glass Bottle With Flip Cap

Active Surf Beverage Container

Swell Shimmer Collection

CamelBak Groove

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