How to Style a Liquor or Coffee Bar Cart


You may look at this bar cart and think “she likes to drink,” or that I have expensive taste. Oddly enough, I’m not a huge drinker but you’re right, I do have expensive drinking taste. The seldom times I do drink, I love a really excellent tequila (on the rocks) and champagne. I also love a good glass of wine with a hearty GF Italian meal. No wonder why my friends are always buying me these cases of wine online so I always have the best wine to pair with my meals. Luckily for me, they know a thing or two about wine, which means I always get the best flavors. How amazing! But above all else, I can style a mean bar cart! I’m mildly obsessed with being organized, I love interior design and I really dig displaying things in my home like it’s art. In fact, I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent scrolling through online interior design websites. I always get so much inspiration from reading about interiors online. Anyway, do you have bottles that need displaying? Cups that you adore but are hidden behind cupboards? Is your liquor tucked away above the refrigerator and annoyingly hard to get to? A bar cart should be on your shopping list! Not only can you tell a lot about a person from what they have on their cart, it also adds character to your home and decor.


Maybe you’re more of a coffee person than a liquor person. If you’re anything like me, it’s just about the only thing, I mean favorite thing, you make in the kitchen. A bar cart doesn’t have restrictions and can double as a mini coffee station! Display your mugs, a teapot and your favorite coffee from Atlas Coffee Club. While you’re at it, you’ll free up some counter space by placing your Keurig or french press on it as well. If you need energy 24/7 this is a great idea for your office…or in your bedroom if you’re a real fiend.


Thinking about getting a bar cart? Follow my checklist below to help get you started!

Ps. These aren’t things that you need to go out and buy right away, you can take your building up your cart. The liquor collection I have were gifts that people gave me over the year and the glasses and such were things I’ve had for a long time. So, if you’re on a budget, this is totally doable!

  1. Cart – Find a cart that suits your style. There are lots of styles to choose from: wood/metal/glass/vintage/rustic/industrial, etc. so find one that is right for you and matches your home decor. If your decor is more modern, don’t go out and buy a rustic vintage cart. If this is for coffee, you can go here to see coffee tables and how they can add to the aesthetic.
  2. Glasses – Use what you have to get you started, but keep your eyes peeled for solid color fun glasses or mugs.
  3. Accessories – Don’t hide them away in your kitchen drawers. If you have bar accessories (jigger, shaker, strainer, bottle opening, stirrers) throw ’em on the cart. If not, grab a few useful things next time you’re at Target. For the coffee cart, look for apothecary jars to store your k-cups, tea or sugar.
  4. Liquor/Coffee & Tea – Choose bottles that you’ll actually drink and not only for the labels that show your personality. Choose a couple mini bottles as well to add height differential. If your local shop doesn’t have your preferred choice of liquor, looking online and ordering with places like this denver liquor delivery service will mean that you have access to bottles you wish to drink, as well as getting it delivered to your front door. What could be better? It will give you the prime opportunity to mix up your bar. Coffee cart? Don’t buy Hot Wings flavored coffee (it’s real) or Maple Bacon tea if you’re not going to drink it.
  5. Person Touch – I love flowers so I knew I needed to have them on my cart. I added white antlers (with a floral crown) that used to be near my TV, as an extra unique touch to my coffee cart. Look around your house for decor that you already have, get creative.
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wood bar cart
gold rim wine glasses
white wine glasses
black ice bucket
white/copper bottle opener
apothecary jar
white rose ball
tea pot